25% of Entire Work Day Should Focus On Increasing Ascension

“If You Don’t Have A System For Marketing and Selling.
You’re at the Mercy of a Customers System for Buying.”
~ Unknown

At least 25% of your entire working day should be focused on this part of your business… that is increasing ascension. Increasing ascension in your business is one of the highest leverage activities you can do as a business owner.

By ascension, I mean having your existing (ideal) customers buy more of your higher-priced, higher-value products and services.

Focusing on ascension Vs. focusing on getting more front-end buyers – this is where your biggest opportunity lies for you to bring in large sums of money, fast.

Of course, I’m not saying you can neglect feeding your pipeline with new buyers. You should never stop. My point is, most business owners do a terribly poor job of ascension marketing and leave an absolute fortune on the table.

Let’s say a business was willing to pay my consultant fees so I could increase their sales.

The very first thing I’d ask the business owner client is: “Are you capturing the contact details of your existing paying customers?”

If they were not, immediately I’d get them to start.

It’s not hard to get a paying customer to give you contact details. If they’re buying online, then you already have their full details when they fill out the order form. If they’re buying offline and paying cash, or writing a check, then you’d just make part of your deliverable something you send in the mail to their physical mailing address.

Or offer a free phone follow up session, or to give ongoing support, or some other good reason) and get their phone number.

Just find a way to get the buyer’s contact info.

Next, if they were not already doing this. I’d have them start storing the buyer lead info in a basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program. There’s 100’s of CRM programs out there – Aweber, Get Response, Click Fennels, Mail Chimp are just some of them.

The important thing is that inside the CRM this client would need the ability to segment their buyers, and mail them.

To start, I’d have them segment their buyers this way:

  1. Recency of their last purchase (buyers who bought yesterday are more likely to spend 10X or more what 1+ year old buyers will)
  2. Size of their last transaction + total money spent for all time (your top 20% highest paying customers should be getting 80% of your focus – they are virtually your entire business)
  3. Specific product purchased. Some up the sales better for more expensive products set product better than others.

Once the buyer lists had been segmented, I’d then have this imaginary client come up with new back-end products or services.

If they were selling some kind of tool/ software/ technology/ how-to information, or something that gets used, the natural back-end program would be an ‘Implementation Coaching Program.’

They could deliver this live by either a seminar, or through a series of webinars. These would all be recorded, and then BAM – they’d have their back-end program.

If they were too impatient or lazy to do that, the easiest and fastest thing I’d have them do is find similar businesses in their category that did good back-end programs, and develop an affiliate relationship. This way they could recommend the other business’s back-end as a natural extension to what their customer bought, take a % cut of the revenue, and not have any of the fulfilment costs.

I’ll leave you with one final thought… The biggest business’s you know, often have far less customers than what outsiders would imagine. I’ve seen this first hand!

A while ago I realised that if I focused on ‘going deep’ instead of ‘ going wide’ – it really sets you free. You spend less on marketing, you have higher margins, and you develop much longer-term ongoing relationships with your best clients (ideal customer).

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Talk Soon,
Nicky Cane