Citations are like having Digital Business Cards across the Net

  • Digital Business Cards across the Internet

Business Citations is a top influential element in your Local Ranking strategy.

Business citations are nothing more than an online business card, containing your business Name, Address and Phone number (NAP), posted on business directories. On business directories your citations, the NAP mentions of your business are presented as listings (directory profiles of your business).

And here we come to the essential part: what makes up for a perfect business citation?

The perfect citation profile consists of quoting your up-to-date and correct business NAP.

That’s it! It’s that simple, yet the majority of local businesses struggle with poor local rankings, just because they are far from maintaining the perfect citation profile.

Let’s talk citation consistency …

Citation Consistency is Important

As explained above citation consistency requires a single rule to be carefully observed: not to tolerate business citations that are outdated or incorrect.

So Google your business name and look at all the listings, including the Directory listings like Yelp, LocalSearch, White Pages, Yellow Pages, etc.

Fixing your inconsistent citations will improve your online business profile and thus will give Google good signals about ranking your business as an authority in your niche and area.

Be No. 1 on Google Rankings

What can go wrong if your citations are inconsistent?

Well, Google is going to be confused. As to which is your real business name, or office address, or phone number. Confusing Google has never been a good thing, especially if you wish it to favour you in its index.

You risk your Local rankings and that’s already a high price to pay!

Places to have Citations

As a Business, citations are like having a Business Card online.

Where do you think is the best places to have them?
Yes… Online Directories is the correct answer. Start by cleaning your existing listings up to make sure they are all the same (NAP)

Then Google your main competitors and see what other directories they are on. Then create a free listing on all those Directories.

NOTE: Only have listings on relevant Directories. So if you’re a Handy Man Business. Do NOT have listing on Fashion or Relationship Directory site.

Google likes Relevance and Constancy… Is that what you are portraying?

FREE Citations are like having Digital Business Cards across the Net. You would be stupid not to use this free Internet Marketing tool.

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