6 Tips to Generate FREE Facebook Leads

generate Facebook leads with a free strategy

It wasn’t that long ago Facebook was only used by the young staff members. Now today Facebook plays a huge part in awareness for us as entrepreneurs and our businesses.

Facebook now plays a much more important role in your business growth. For one, it offers a lifeline to generate and nurture prospect on their way buyers journey to making that purchase.

Some of the largest companies put major stock in the ability to fill the sales pipeline through social media and you can too.

It’s now your time to unlock the strategies and develop the system that entrepreneurs can use on Facebook. Leveraging Facebook, groups, interactions and relationship building to attract new leads each week by using social selling.

6 Tips to Generate FREE Facebook Leads + 1 BONUS

As an Entrepreneur you need to first understand the Facebook Free Marketing Strategy. Within that strategy are a few key things that you need to understand.

The platform ‘Facebook’ is a social platform and people are not their to be sold to. They are there to see what everyone else is up to and who’s doing what with who.

So as Gary Vaynerchuk wrote in his book explaining the art in selling on Social Media ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’Jab Jab Jab Right Hook the book

It’s about ‘Jab’ engaging with entertaining and friendly posts, likes and shares. Then ‘Jab’ and ‘Jab’ and ‘Jab’ again and then when you have built that rapport, gently drop the offer or invitation of an offer in front of them. It has to be in context of the post and subtle as a concerned friend.

Now there are different strategies for Paid Facebook Advertising. However in this article we are focusing on Generating FREE Facebook Leads and Concerting them.

Then you need to develop a system and a series of steps to follow.

The reason for this is to be focused with your time on Facebook. You’re on a mission to develop relationships and then help them solve a problem and that way you will profit. Giving value solving problems for people. Most of the people that put up a post on Facebook don’t yet realise they have a problem…

You only want to dedicate 20 minutes 2 or 3 times a day, maybe while having morning tea, eating lunch and having afternoon tea or instead of watching that stupid tv show. Focused time!

1/ You should be a Member of other Facebook Groups.

  • Then you should actively commenting in those groups, just Jab, Jab Jab… Give Value every time, develop friendships.
  • Choose groups where your prospects hang out and your competitors doesn’t hang out.
  • It is also a good idea to have some sort of interest in that group topic.

2/ Have a defined list of say 3 or 4 Key Things to look for in other people posts and comments.

As a signal that, that a person or their friend or family is, or soon will become your ideal customer. By defining these you won’t waste time reading all posts in all groups, your just skimming looking for key signals.

    For example say if I was an Automotive Workshop Owner I would have key points in mind like;

Give Value Give Value Give Value

  • My son is on his L Plates. Now that means that the car he needs to get his licence in needs to be roadworthy. Thus you have a special deal for Road Worthy Certificates.
  • Looking at taking off around Australia with the caravan. Sorely they will need a major service and maybe an extra oil cooler, auxiliary electrical feed into the van. Maybe solar panels hooked up.
  • It’s been a scorcher, on the way home of work, saw so many cars on the side of the road with their bonnets up’. You can comment hope you don’t get stuck half way home with the bonnet up… And when was your Air Conditioning serviced last?

3/ Scroll through the News Feeds of friends and Groups.

You are looking for the 3 or 4 triggers or aspects of or hints of.
Then make a comment… NOT A SALES PITCH. Be a friend add a nice concerned comment.

4/ When they Like what you put. Messenger them, on Messenger.

Say something like
Thanks for liking (or commenting) on my reply…… (re whatever your reply was) Please accept my friends request. So I can see more of what you are doing’

This is a request as a friend NOT as your business page.

messenger iconThe reason for Messenger is that people can have it as an App on their Phone and see the notifications instantly. The Messenger button on a desktop is top right corner of Facebook.

It’s a short cut to Messenger ONLY not all that other Facebook stuff. Yet, each persons profile is linked to their Facebook profile. The short cut to Messenger is m.me/YourFacebookID, an example is mine – m.me/DaveCane

5/ Send a friend request for Your Personal profile…

NOT your business Facebook page or website. You are Jabbing and creating rapport.

6/ After a few weeks invite them to Your Business Facebook Page.

Over those few weeks you should have engagement with them a few times to continue building rapport.

Special thanks to…

Our friend David McMahon from Crocodile Marketing for this proven strategy. David runs the weekly Marketing of Business Owner Meetup Group on the Gold Coast, Australia.

These tips really worked in our businesses, his and his clients.

Since they are FREE what do you have to lose in trying these tips out.

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