Re-Marketing & Re-Targeting Audiences From Facebook Videos

Facebook Video Retargeting Remarketing

Do you post videos on Facebook?
Have you ever re-targeted your audience of your Facebook LIVE or past uploaded videos?

Most people know about retargeting through the Facebook Pixel.
Now, Facebook allows you to retarget using video.

As Facebook has been emphasizing live video and video in the news feed, we are especially excited about these video retargeting features. Anytime somebody sees at least three seconds of a video (recorded or live), Facebook takes note of who they are.

Then puts them into a retargeting custom audience that you can use to retarget them again and again.

You might ask why you would want to retarget someone who watched a Facebook video. The answer is it’s part of getting people to know, like, and trust your brand. Start nurturing conversations that may lead to a sales transaction.

Convert Facebook Audience into Buyers

The 3 Steps Converting Your Audience into Buyers:

  • Build Your Retargeting Audience
  • Engage Your Audience
  • Sell to Your Audience

Re-Targeting ANY of Your Facebook Videos in 4 Steps

When someone has attended your Facebook LIVE broadcast, you know that person is highly interested in your business. And you know that they’re familiar with whatever you shared during the broadcast. That gives you quite a bit of information about them, compared to what you might know about any random Facebook follower.

And that means they’re ripe prospects for remarketing. The words retargeting and remarketing are interchangeable. 

Using Facebook Ads, you can now create a custom audience based on interaction with your Facebook LIVE or post videos. Here’s how to do it.

1. Create an Ad Campaign with the goal of getting website clicks. Then click Create New Custom Audience.
Create Facebook Ad Campaign - Custom Audience2. Choose Engagement on Facebook as the type of audience you want to create.
Create a Custom Audience - Engagement on Facebook3. Select Video, then begin to make your custom audience.
Here you have some decisions to make.

If lots of people watched your Facebook LIVE video, we’d recommend choosing an individual video and targeting people who viewed 25% or more.
People who viewed 3 seconds of Facebook Video4. Select your Facebook LIVE Video or past uploaded video from the list and create your audience.

Note that the default timeframe Facebook will use to pull an audience is the last 365 days, so if you have used Facebook LIVE in the past, you can create audiences based on videos you ran up to a year ago.

Audience Created. Now What?

Congratulations— you’re ready to start show Facebook Ads directly to these highly engaged viewers.

What Kind of Ads?

That depends partly on the decisions you made in Step 3. If you created your custom audience based on just one well-attended broadcast, let the content of that video determine the best offer—and best landing page to present in your retargeting ads.

If you’ve grouped viewers of multiple videos into one audience, find the common thread. Then create or select a landing page that speaks to a topic they would all find interesting.

For instance, you could have retargeting ads that …

1. Educate Current Customers on a New Product or Offer
2. Host another Facebook LIVE Event on SImilar Subject
3. Get Feedback & Give Help Firsthand – Q&A Facebook Live broadcast.

These are all great ways to build rapport and trust with your facebook audience.

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