5 Step Formula for Creating Your Promotional Video for Facebook

So you want to make the ultimate promo video for your business, eh?

Want to learn how to create an affordable promotional video for your business and increase sales using Facebook?

Video is a powerful tool to use when speaking to your marketing audience. There are several elements that, when put together, can result in one heck of a promo video for your brand.

So we have leveraged the time and knowledge of a brilliant Marketer … David McMahon from Crocodile Marketing, who’s a marketing automation specialist to break it down for us.

David has compiled the Five-Step Formula, which combines to create the perfect formula for promo video success for Facebook. We use this formula ourselves and NOW we’ve gotten permission to SHARE it with YOU.

5 Step Formula to Social Media Video Production

1. Time

First, things first one must be clear on the duration of the videos. It all depends on the purpose of the video – entertaining, educational, etc.  We would recommend the video to be either 30, 60 or 90 secs. No longer. Say what you want to say in 90 seconds otherwise you’re saying too much.

Nowadays most people have the attention span of a goldfish. .
why you should value time

Secondly, one must think of the time needed in producing the video promotion and then the time needed to set up advertising.  Now with Facebook advertising can be done faster and in a more targeted way to generate leads than traditional sources. However, there is a cost in dollars to do that.

You can PAY for Traffic in 2 Ways… either with Money or TIME.

2. Write & Edit the Script

What type of message do you want to convey? 

This message needs to be conveyed with audio and visual, but the script is important to keep them engaged and on the platform.

A great Promotion Script gets your target audience to go through the Buyer’s Journey. The Stages are: (1) Awareness, (2) Consideration and (3) Decision.

This is the thought process that your customer has to go through in order to come to that point where they are ready to buy. It all depends on the price for example, a cup of coffee has a very short buying journey compared to buying a new car.

The Script MUST:

  • Address a Problem that your customers are having
    (Stage 1)
  • Show them the Benefit that your product or service can bring them (Stage 2). They now understand what their problem is and now they’re looking for a solution.  Make it very clear that you have it by not listing the components but how the product or service can better their life.
  • Have a strong Call-To-Action that requires immediate action. (Stage 3)A primary purpose of a promotional video is to sell your product it’s not there to educate. It’s there to make an offer and get the person to respond. That’s why we want you to understand the difference between a promotional video and say in educational or a how-to video. These all come with a totally different Call-To-Action.
  • Must be no more than 220 words – also between 30-40 words in the last 30 secs.

My Awesome Video Script

You can either learn how to write a good script or you can outsource it. Just do your research first!

When outsourcing at least give them the major dot points of your business and get 2-3 revisions on the completed script. However, when your script is written by someone else keep in mind that they don’t know what your customer’s problems or needs.

You’re the expert on your customer so you know most of this information as you are talking to them day in day out. So the best script will always be yours.

A tip for any script writing is to write the script out yourself. Even if it’s a lot longer than it needs to be. Then refine it, work on it and then give it to a copywriter. They will condense it down to the number of words. In this case 90 seconds is about 200 to 220 words

Want help to write a script?
Start learning to write scripts now by either getting a guideline from google or watch a few how-to videos on youtube. It all takes practice. Copywriting is an important art to master, this course can help you develop the skills needed. Don’t give up.
Learn Copywriting A to Z CourseHere are just a few samples of scripts to get you thinking.

Once the script is completed you must get feedback from your trusted advisors. Then read the script out loud over and over. This is when you change the words that you trip over or that don’t quite sound right.

3. Audio

The sound that goes with your promotional video is more important than the quality of the video.

As the golden rule always put more money from the budget to the audio because the viewer will continue to watch when sound is excellent but not when they can’t understand what they’re listening to.

For voice talent for professionally done voice overs go to Fivver.
When video editing go to SoundStripe for quality and royalty free music.

4. Imagery

Talking heads advert is where you just talk to the camera or where you can interview everyday people about the product or service. We can relate to these adverts and people in them because they are everyday people – not famous or a celebrity.
We recommend for low budget affordability

Create these type of videos with these 5 Equipment Essentials. 

We do have a lot of people who provide create video capabilities and editing so we don’t want to dismiss the Australian business market for this work. However, you can get it outsources quickly and cheaply on Fivver.

If you have a little time or money to spend than animated videos might be for you. We love 2d animation using the whiteboard story and people like cartoons so they will respond well to whatever your talk about something when using this format.

Get this outsourced if you are not technology inclined on Fivver – but only someone with a good rating, that ask for $70 – $90 and give you 2-3 revisions to finished video.

5. Testing

You will learn more from your mistakes than from your successes.

When testing your promotional video on Australian Customers with Facebook do it with an audience 100,000.

Create 3-4 or even 10 videos to get an accurate conversion. Must all be tested with the same budget so that you can compare them better. If you are not getting 100+ clicks per ad than it’s a dud. If that’s the case either put more money in those going better or try again.

Here’s the full presentation of the 5 Step Formula by David McMahon from Crocodile Marketing to our Entrepreneurs Meetup Group – Gold Coast, Australia.

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