As an Online Business Consultant since 2000. I share my experiences and insights that will save you from making the mistakes many people make…  You will SAVE Time, Money and Headaches!

I have just finished updating my book – How to Pick The Best Online Business. The 3rd Version is now available.

What I have covered in my Book…

Tips and Pitfalls to consider in these Small Businesses;

  • Traditional and Brick and Mortar Businesses.
  • Online Businesses like Shopping Carts, Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling products on Amazon and eBay
  • MLM, Multi Level Marketing and Network Marketing
  • Crypto Currency and other Opportunities

Who is this Book for?

You… if you want to start a business OR Scale up an existing business…

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The Global Market Place is changing fast… So I will NOT be telling you HOW to do your business…. The How of your Business will come after you define your W’s

YOU will need to review this information… thinking of the W’s

  • What… I do I need to do toady to become the future version of my successful self? What do I need to Focus on? What Business Model am I planning to use… What forms of Leverage will I use? What form of Control will I have? What is my ROI for my time and money? What am I Thinking? What can I do Better? And What Better Questions can I ask myself and my Mentors?
  • Who… Do I Need to Become? Who do I associate with? Who should I take advise from? Who is my ideal customer?
  • Where… is my ideal customer? Where am I now? Where do I need to be? … to have Passive Income… this will become clearer in a few chapters.
  • Why… am I doing this? Why do I keep getting these results? Why do I blame others?
    I know, when I point my finger to blame someone or something else… I have 3 fingers pointing back at me!!!!
  • When…. am I going to start… When am I going to stop making Excuses… And stop watching webinar after webinar? … When am I going to control of my Emotions and TAKE ACTION…. Stay focused and NOT QUIT?

OK now the HOW to… be Successful … let’s change our Thinking from making Excuses. Saying things like ‘I Can’t do that!’ … to… How Can I make this work?

If you are an entrepreneur, with a physical business or product.
You want to market it better and be more profitable…
Then by using the information I am going to share in this book, can dramatically increase your profitability

How to Pick the Best Online Business Book Update

This Book is Especially those who;

  • Want to become a successful online entrepreneur. And stop banging their head on the desk, trying to do it on their own…..
  • Or struggling after taking Marketing Advice from Sales People.
  • People that just can’t hack the 9 to 5 (or is it 7 to 7) and want Freedom!
  • People that just want another stream of income, that they can start part-time. That’s quick, easy, low-risk high return!
  • Mums wanting to stay home and don’t want to go back to ‘Work,’ that ‘Job.’
  • Maybe you’re like me, close to retirement and still want something to do!
  • Or are you already retired and are petrified how you are going to afford to live? How are you going to maintain your standard of living?
  • Or are you young and smart, straight out of school or college. And don’t want to be stuck in the Rat Race?
Understand Leverage, Control & ROI in your business structure…

Learn how ANYONE in their Spare Time can …

  • Make More Money than others working full time..
  • Learn about Leveraging People and Systems…
  • How to select Products with High Profit Margins
  • How to pick a SIMPLE, Automated Done for You Online Business.
  • Learn how to get Commissions of 100%
  • See How to Make $100 to $1,000 each Sale
  • How to automate Buyers Leads with Email, Voicemail & SMS follow ups with One Click.
  • Have NO Techie stuff like website design
  • No Phone Sales, Product Development, Shipping, Invoicing, Customer Service or Staff!
  • Getting Training, Support and Mentoring.

What’s Your Plan B…. to future proof your income?

We are here to help. If you want any help, just Messenger us (Private Message Us) at our Facebook Messenger link –

Everything I recommend in my Book or in any follow-up correspondence. Nicky and I at Easy Online Biz Solutions have used and tested for ourselves.

Talk Soon,
Dave Cane