Dave’s Crypto Currency Opportunity Lessons That You Need To Learn

Due to the high returns Crypto Currency opportunities can offer. It can be a mind field as it attracts a lot of scammers and cowboys.

You can buy different Crypto Currencies from Bitcoin to Alt Coins (alternative coins). There are thousands of them. Some good, some not so good, some bad and a lot of coins you need to stay away from.

I have been stung many times… Lost truck loads… So I set up Cryptos Made Easy Newsletter.

So these are my tips from experience…

1. Do proper due diligence on the company behind the opportunity. Refer to the 7 Key Factors listed in Chapter Two.

2. As soon as you make 100% ROI take out your principle amount you started with. I know that is emotional agony, as you just want to compound it… However from now, everything is a Risk-Free Gain from that point on

3. Connect with like-minded people on forums… Caution they might be hyped up on emotions. You want to look through the hype and make decisions without letting your emotions control the outcome.

4. Keep good records and save Passwords and Digital Keys, do backups. Keep the main Digital Keys off your computer.

Need a hand or guidance when looking at Crypto Currency?

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