What Control Do You Have Over Fiat Currency?

Ask Yourself This QUESTION:
How Much Control Do You Have with YOUR Money in a Bank?

Just think… What if everyone decided to do a run on the Bank?
What if we lost confidence in the US or Aussie dollar, Euro or Yen?

We have to realize that the banks we have our money in… Do NOT have enough money to pay everyone what they have sitting in their bank accounts!!

That’s Scary Right?

The Aussie dollar, US dollar, Euro, etc… are NOT Money… they are Fiat Currencies.

Watch this video where Fiat Money is explained.

Fiat Money is a currency it is without intrinsic value.
The US Dollar which other currencies reference against. Has NOT been backed by gold since 1971… It’s backed by God! …. “In God We Trust”

Your Fiat Currency is just like Crypto Currency.

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Currencies like the US Dollar, Euro, Yen, and Bitcoin are only worth something if people believe (have confidence) that, that Currency has Value. Confidence that your currency can be exchanged for other items of value.

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