You MUST Understand the W’s of Your Business

Frankly, if you want to start a business OR scale up an existing business it’s not rocket science.

Regardless if your business is traditional or is an online business, MLM or Affiliate Marketing Business Model. You need to understand the W’s.

Right now, I will NOT be telling you HOW to do your business. The How of your Business will come after you define your W’s.

Let’s Get Started!

  • The 1st W is: What…
    Do I need to do toady to become the future version of my successful self? … What do I need to Focus on? … What Business Model am I planning to use… What forms of Leverage will I use? … What form of Control will I have? … What is my ROI for my time and money? … What am I Thinking? … am I Thinking? … What can I do Better? And What Better Questions can I ask myself and my Mentors?
  • The 2nd W is: Who…
    Do I Need to Become? … Who do I associate with? … Who should I take advise from? … Who is my ideal customer?
  • The 3rd W is: Where…
    Is my ideal customer? … Where am I now? …. Where do I need to be? … to have Passive Income… this will become clearer in a few chapters.
  • The 4th W is: Why…
    Am I doing this? … Why do I keep getting these results? … Why do I blame others? … I know, when I point my finger to blame someone or something else… I have 3 fingers pointing back at me!!!!
  • The Last W is: When…. Am I going to start…
    When am I going to stop making Excuses… And stop watching webinar after webinar? …
    When am I going to control of my Emotions and TAKE ACTION…. Stay focused and NOT QUIT?

By using the information in our book – Get How to Pick the Best Online Business, we can help you with the HOW of your business.

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Once you understand your W’s. Only then should you think of the How!

Return-On-Investment-where-what-howThe HOW to… be Successful … be Rich… feel Fulifulled,etc.

That can be done by first changing our Thinking from making Excuses – from saying things like ‘I Can’t do that!’ … to… How Can I make this work? 

Do You Understand Your W’s Already?

If YES, then it’s time work out the How. That can be done by reading our book – Get How to Pick the Best Online Business.

Of course, if you need some help, that’s what we’ve here for. Just Private Message Us at our Facebook Messenger link. 

Come on, you didn’t think we’d leave you hanging, did you?

Talk Soon,
Nicky and Dave