About the Active & Value Based Economies

If you have read Rich Dad’s the Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki, you will realise that there is no wrong sector. However, if you can jump to the right side of the Cash Flow Quadrant, then you can create your life.

You can have more Freedom with More Time and Money.

There are Two Economies!

The Left side and Right side of the Cash Flow Quadrant.

1. ‘Effort’ Active Based Economy, the left side of the quadrant.

Where You get paid one time for your efforts, stop working and stop getting paid.

2. ‘Passive’ Value-Based Economy, this is typically right side of the quadrant

Were Your Time & Effort are irrelevant.

Cashflow Quadrant

As an Entrepreneur, you are indeed a Problem Solver!

Solutions for Problems = Value to them (the person who had the problem) = $
Solve Bigger Problems for More People = More Value to More People = More $

Consider Yourself an Entrepreneur…

How you can solve more problems for more people, as that will equal more dollars in your pocket.

As well as more dollars for all those that rely on your spending, investing and donating those dollars

Which Sector Are You In?

E & S Quadrants – Get Paid for Their Time, One Time, That’s a Crime! (it rhymes, I’m a poet!!) So they don’t make money while they sleep…

B & I Quadrants – Get Paid for Their Time Over & Over & Over

The Right Side of the Quadrant ‘B’ and ‘I’ sectors, is where you can make money while you sleeping – With Systems and People working for you or Money Working for You.

We will point out the pitfalls of being on the left side of the Quadrant and how to leverage a ‘B’ Sector Business, this will become clearer as you read our book – Get How to Pick the Best Online Business, we can help you ….

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Which Quadrant Do You Want to Be In?

Kiyosaki doesn’t mince words and strongly encourages the reader to transition from the E or S quadrant to the B or I quadrant.

What can you do if you are an employee? Short of launching or buying a business, you can invest some of your earnings in cash flowing investments and become an investor. You don’t necessarily have to be present for the business to run.

If you are self-employed, you can work toward creating a business that is increasingly less dependent on you. You need to turn your business into a true asset that someone may want to buy.

We can help you there, just read our book – Get How to Pick the Best Online Business.

Of course, if you need some more help, that’s what we’ve here for. Just Private Message Us at our Facebook Messenger link. 

As Entrepreneurs we are problem solvers!

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