What is the Rent 2 Own Online Store Business Model?

Your Rent 2 Own Online Store is all Done for You. It’s fully Automated, selling other peoples products online 24/7 from Amazon or eBay. Your 24/7 Automated MONEY Machine $$ for LESS THAN a Cup of Coffee a day.

Your Rent 2 Own Online Store it’s a bit like having an online vending machine… it can be a passive income machine…

  • To start you just pay a small initial deposit of less than 10%
  • Requires NO packing and NO shipping of products
  • It’s all Done for You… That means it’s set up and stocked for you.
  • Imaging having a store and NO Customer service hassles
  • And your commissions are paid direct into your account
  • You can even sell your own products - if you wish

Just image waking up in the morning and having more money in the bank than the day before (sound of money). Your Rent 2 Own Online Stores are fully automated selling other peoples products online 24/7.
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As You See Anyone Can Make Money with a Vending Machine:

  • As not much time is required to maintain online store
  • No special skills are needed
  • It’s automated
  • Filled with other people stock at no cost to you
  • You only have a very small outlay to start and
  • Just a few bucks a day, pays it off… and then you own it
  • The ongoing cost to you is less than a $1 a day to run your business
  • You can upgrade and expand it at anytime.

Examples of functioning Rent 2 Own Online Stores are: like https://niclex.com.au, http://eezytravel.com, and https://rvs-campers.com.

Each of these online stores owners had their choice of Logo, main theme colours, number of products & categories per page or section. All header and product category images were also their choice.

So the look and feel of your store can be very flexible.

How would you spend your Extra CASH $$$?

Would you like us to pay you?

Yes, we’ll pay you for every referral… that’s Easy MONEY $$$ and you could have your Online Store without a cent down…
Learn More about making money online te easy way

Your easy, automated and affordable Online eBay Store makes YOU Money 24/7 on Auto Pilot…
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