The Honest Truth About Your Financial Situation. Do You Know It?

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If you’ve been reading our blog articles for a while, you’ve probably realized by now that we are passionate about helping people overcome their financial challenges and create a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Being able to talk to different people with life stories is a rewarding and eye-opening experience.

Today we want to share with you a few honest truths we’ve learned from helping people with their money worries.

For a start, we’ve learned that money is a sensitive subject. We get it. None of us really want to admit to having financial challenges. It can be a little bit embarrassing to admit.

Buyer with Cash and Piggy Money Bank

And what can be downright scary is the thought of quitting a job to jump into an entrepreneurial career. There are a lot of unknowns and what if’s about starting your own business.

#“What if I try this and end up even worse off than I am now?”
“What if 
I don’t have the money to make the business work?”
+“What if 
I won’t have the time to build a business on the side of my job?”

These are some of the questions we get asked. And we always answer them honestly.

Does it help to have oodles of time to devote to your business?
Of course. But it’s not 100% necessary.

Nicky and Dave Cane image 250Take US for Example!

Dave comes from the world of working 9 to 5 for 40+ hours a week. Nicky may have not been working full time because of past health issues, but she didn’t also just quit her job cold turkey and then try to instantly replace her income.

We had to build our business on the side with the little time we both had.

We didn’t have a huge budget either. But we’ve still been able to get started and have some small successes with that little bit of money we did have.

Again, does it help to have a lot of money?
Of course. But it’s not 100% necessary.

The honest truth is that departing from the 9-to-5 lifestyle to start a business is scary. But the other honest truth is that you don’t need a lot of time and money.

What you do need is the determination to succeed, and of course a proven system to follow with built in support.

Laptop Lifestyle SystemIn our opinion, one of the best-proven systems is the Laptop Lifestyle System. Which is a system that Carolina Millan has used to generate over half a million dollars over the course of 5 years.

Sure, it’s taken her time and money. However when she first started, she was a bored, burnt-out 9-to-5 employee in Chile.

If she can do it, then why not you too?Check Out - 17 Minutes OnlyTo find out more about Carolina’s story and the Laptop Lifestyle System, watch this video.

Could you quit tomorrow and live comfortably without any debt for at least a year?

If your answer is NO, then it’s time, to be honest with yourself and your family about your Financial Situation.

First Step is to Assess your Financial Situation.

Talk Soon,

Nicky and Dave

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