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Successful Entrepreneurs know that the lifeblood of their business is found in making the right connections.

Whether it is for potential business alliances, sales, marketing, supply chain management or just to escape the loneliness of being a solo entrepreneur. Making connections is vital for business growth.

For those of us that are extroverts, this may come easily.

For many, it may not be so easy. Our intention today is to help you make networking an rewarding part of what you do to strengthen you business.

The 14 Key Factors to Successful Networking are:

1. Start with a Plan

All good businesses start with a plan so why wouldn’t the area of networking get the same attention as other parts of your business planning?

Often this area is left to chance or happenstance. You must not do this!

Instead ask yourself these the following questions:

  • Who would I need to connect with to be wildly successful?
  • What groups, individuals or companies could be most beneficial to my future business?
  • What will help me to grow as an entrepreneur?
  • How can I connect with them?


Write down your answers and then prioritize what your networking activities with be in the course of a day, week and month. Incorporate your activities into your calendar and commit to a plan with a timeline.

2. Become your Best Self

First, identify the ideal person (customer) you would want to do business with from a character, philosophical and principled perspective.

Your Self Image from Negative to PositiveSecond, become that person. We attract who we become.

To have an ideal network, first become your ideal self. Work harder on yourself than your job. Life is never about what we get; it’s about who we become.

When networking, don’t ask yourself, What am I getting? Keep in mind on who you’re becoming instead.

Third, connect to people with similar interests using all mediums. The best thing you can do is grow your social media network while working hard on becoming the ideal person who you want to attract.

As you become more attuned and grow your online audience, you’ll attract incredible people who are ideal for your long-term business relationships. When it does, you’ll be the right person in the right place with the right network.

3. Give Back

For Nicky, wearing a nametag and chitchatting at networking events feels like the dreaded public speaking class in high school. It fills me with dread, and often makes me feel like a sleazy car salesman.

If you’re not the networking, nametag-wearing type, then use the back-door method. Everybody knows somebody, and it’s great fun to give back to your community.

Community Smiling

Get involved.

Don’t just donate money or attend a stuffy fundraiser dinner. Roll up your sleeves and serve. Word-of-mouth spreads.

Community involvement for a Business can be a situation in which everyone wins.

4. Make a Life-Changing Introduction

Your entire world will change when you learn that networking is not about building your database but about it being the gateway to another great relationship.

So every time you meet someone new, you should ask yourself: Whom can I introduce this person to that could change their life?

Closing the Deal Hankshake

This goes so much beyond having a scorecard for business or personal favors; it instantly deepens the personal relationship, which is the foundation of an awesome network.

 5. Be Selective with your Efforts

As a business owner, time is the most important commodity that you have so be judicious of where you spend your time. Look for events that feed your business and mind.


Utilize social networking strategically. As social media grows, so does the spam and self-promotion attempts. Be strategic in your outreach and target your efforts towards connections that will help your business grow.

 6. Apply the “Hostess Principle”

So you are finally at an event and are armed with your elevator speech and a pocketful of business cards. Your name tag is on the upper right-hand side of your suit or dress. It’s time to do a quick sweep of the room and see who you want to meet.

This is where the “hostess principle” comes in…

Walk up to the person or small group and gracefully stick out your hand to introduce yourself. The key is to act as if you are the convener of the event and it is your job to make everyone comfortable.

If you approach it with this mindset, you will be amazed at how comfortable you will become and how comfortable others will be. The same principle holds true for connections made via phone, linked in, email or other ways.

A hostess puts others first and generously gives to make others feel comfortable.

7. Meet Strangers

Networking Coffee and LunchOne of the easiest ways to meet new people is by taking strangers out to coffee, or lunch. This strategy can be employed by anyone even if you have almost nothing to spend.

We have also found that you can get to know people much better this way than any other networking format. Plus, it’s super affordable.

8. Make a Real Connection

The goal is not to get as many business cards as you can, but to make quality connections. It is important to be genuine and honest. The fallacy of much of social media these days is that it keeps us all connected.

A connection is not bad but it is not a relationship. It is a relationship that sustains a business for the long term.

To develop a personal relationship it takes face to face communication, nurturing, and time.

You need to be personal as people do business with people.

As only talking business when networking can make you come off as overallyperfessional and very sterile which makes it harder for people to bond with you.

friend circle

If we get a client from a networking event, one that has never read our blog posts has never received my newsletter, it’s because we’ve established this special bond during our first meeting.

We might have shared our story, discovered a common hobby/ interest or felt like we were a good fit based on our conversation that wasn’t strictly business related.

9. Give Instead of Take.

We try to provide as much value as possible to people in my network without asking for anything in return.

In the beginning of a new relationship, you have to earn the right to have a genuine relationship. The only way you can do that is by giving an insane amount of value.

Give Value Give Value Give ValuePay it forward by helping others to achieve success

You will only be as successful as you help others to be successful. Help others to achieve. This might seem like an old-fashioned notion but this really works to create better relationships and loyalty with your network.

You can do this by introducing them to potential clients, recommend them, offer help and suggestions, and send business their way.

It is most important to do this when you are not looking for something from them. Be sincere and care about their well-being. This is what will set you apart.

10. You Need to Listen

Networking is not about you! Yes, in the end the main goal is to get new business. But business is based on trust. So if you go to these events and all you do is talk about yourself and how great you are, no one will be interested.

We all love to be listened to, it’s part of being human.Listen to your customers

Rudolf Klaus, the king of Effective Networking has said you don’t have to be a small talk guru. You just need to be a good listener.

When we found out this we were so relieved. Try it out! It’s liberating.

11. You Need to Follow Up

Make it a habit to follow up with people you meet offline and connect with them by phone, on LinkedIn or through messenger.

Relationships are all in the Follow Up

You can send them a resource, follow up on a discussion you had or introduce them to one of your connections that you think might be a good fit.

Be helpful, not salesy!

12. Do the Work – Build and Keep your Network Current

It is so easy these days to build contacts and connections with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. LinkedIn has become the sophisticated rolodex for business professionals. Use it often to update, share, congratulate and connect.

No fairy godmother will wave her wand and give you quality, reliable contacts in a short time. You can get rich quick (winning the lotto), but nobody gets wealthy quick.

Having a great network is wealth. Creating an extensive valuable network will not happen overnight or even quickly. You can speed things up attending the right kind of events.

Just attending an event will not create a network.

You must still do the work: Reach out, be social and have sales skills. The right event can exponentially enlarge your network quickly and solidify your contacts by following up frequently and staying in touch.

13. You Need to be Consistent

Networking is marketing. And you need to market your business all the time, even when things are going well.

Think about it…What if you loose that one big client?

So book your networking events into your schedule and make a commitment, just like you commit to publish x number of blog posts per month, etc.

14. Have a CRM

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers and potential customers. It helps you improve your profitability.

This is an essential tool that can be the difference between a broke business owner, and a 6-Figure Pro.

Aren’t you ready to GO PRO?!

It’s time to secure and deploy the secret weapon of every 6-figure business owner.

MLSP CRM System Banner14. You Need to be Consistent

Networking is marketing. And you need to market your business all the time, even when things are going well.

Think about it…What if you loose that one big client?

So book your networking events into your schedule and make a commitment, just like you commit to publish x number of blog posts per month, etc.

The networking gives you many rewards. Master this important skill set and new business doors will fly open for you. You will be enriched by the relationships you make as you help others to achieve their goals while meeting your own objectives.

Networking is essential.  Get out there and build your network.

Remember that your net worth is only as good as your network.

We are here to help. If you want any help, just Messenger us (Private Message Us) at our Facebook Messenger link – m.me/EasyOnlineBizSolutions

Talk Soon,

Nicky and Dave