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We get it—when something’s new it’s hard to be all in especially right off the bat.

Chances are you’ve been burned before—burned by a Business Opportunity, an Investment, a Partner or something—and that’s made you more than a little gun shy.

So what do you do?

You dip your toe in the water. You hem and haw. And you do so much due diligence that you’re paralyzed by it all—the ultimate paralysis by analysis.

You talk to everyone. You weigh the pros and cons over and over again. And, while you’re technically “doing something,” but are you really? Because while there’s some movement, it’s not enough to move the needle—at least not in any discernible way.

When people land there, the outcome is almost always the same.

Hangup their Hat - Give UpThey feel like it doesn’t work or doesn’t work for them. They’ve tried, they’ll explain, and they didn’t see any results—it’s a seam, they’re a failure or it’s “too much” right now.

Whatever the excuse is, it’s enough for them to hang up their hat and check the box. They tried and, apparently, that’s good enough. Here’s the thing: it’s not.

If you hem and haw long enough, someone else will do it first. In any business, you’re in or you’re out.

There’s no in between, there’s no testing the waters and there’s no small commitment. You want this or you don’t. You’re invested or you’re not. You’re building a business or you’re considering taking up a hobby.

That’s IT. Period.

We’re tired of people telling us that this traffic-driving method didn’t work or that business in a box or the sales funnel didn’t produce results. Because guess what?

It did for countless other Consultants and Entrepreneurs myself included. They didn’t Work for you because you didn’t try. You did the bare minimum so you could check box.

Then you completely disengage and hope that by some miracle of miracles, the pieces will fall into place. When they don’t, you blame everything and everyone—except yourself.

Our Advice?

Opt In or Opt Out

Get in or get out, but don’t try to walk the line.

If you try to play in the space in between, you’ll never excel and you’ll never get a true read on what works and what doesn’t.

The End Result of Little to NO Action?

You’ll do nothing, really, except throw a few dollars and a little time this way or that. This, of course, isn’t building a business. But instead you are creating an endless supply of excuses. And for us, we have no time for that.

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So have you done so much due diligence that you’ve been paralyzed by it all?

Let us know in the comment section below how you overcame the paralysis by analysis!

Talk Soon,
Nicky and Dave

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Humans have a destructive tendency to overcomplicate things. Building a business is no different.

The essence of a successful business is incredibly simple. As Paul Graham says, “you have to build something people want.” Expanded just a little, you have to create something that solves a problem or addresses a desire for people in a way they’re willing to pay for.

Simple, right? Simple but not easy.

Building a business isn’t easy by any means, but entrepreneurs often have themselves to blame for much of what makes building a business so hard. For example, it’s suddenly not good enough to grow an email list. Now, we’re told we have to segment our email list and customize what we send to each subscriber. Thus, turning what’s already a huge effort into a huge effort times two.

It’s not good enough to pick one social platform and do it well. We’re told we have to be everywhere all the time. It’s not good enough to create one solid product and grow it. We’re also told we have to create up-sells and cross-sells and down-sells and tripwires.

Record Your Personal BestThe no. 1 problem we hear entrepreneurs complain about is not having enough time.

Who could possibly have the time to do all of the above?

Don’t count the gurus and A-listers who told you to do all this in the first place; they have huge teams, elaborate processes, workaholic tendencies, and an incentive to tell you about the newest shiny thing.

It’s just not realistic for a solo entrepreneur, let alone one with a day job or, god forbid, a family or a full busy life. Likewise, we tend to overcomplicate success itself. Surely, it can’t be that simple. Once we find something that works, we have to move on to the next channel, the next product, the next technology, don’t we?

That’s how you grow a business, right?

This is where most of us get stuck. We experience a modicum of success, then start looking for something that can take us to the next level–when that thing might be right under our noses.

Your-Dream-Business-Automated-Done-for-you-300-sqHere’s the boring reality of growing a business: Sometimes, success is about doing what works, then doing that thing again, and again and again, Over and over and over. Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “What got you here won’t get you there,” before?

Well, what gets you to initial success is an intense process of trial-and-error, searching and experimenting. But maybe, this isn’t what will get you there. Once you’ve found what works, maybe your job is to perfect that thing before you branch out and optimize. Building a business is hard enough without giving in to the temptation to overcomplicate things.

Instead, do what works, then do it again and again and again. Then enjoy the results as you move closer and closer to achieving the success you want in life.

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Nicky and Dave

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
– Lao Tzu

If you haven’t already. It’s now your turn to take the necessary baby steps towards business success.

While you may have a large-scale idea for a new business, sometimes it’s better to take just a small part of your plan and focus on starting your business on a small level.

If this is your first business, you may want to target an endeavor that will help you build skills without wiping out your nest egg completely.

A business that can succeed on a small level gives you great training wheels for building the experience, knowledge, and competency you’ll need to take your company to the next level.

Taking Baby Steps is the Way to Go

Below are several reasons why it might be your best bet to start small for business success.

Reason’s Why…

1. You’ll Save Money

Starting with a narrow scope of business means you can run it out of your extra bedroom or den. You won’t have to rent office space or furnish a suite.

There are even tax incentives or deductions you can take to save money as you build your business on the small side. If you do need specialized space for your endeavor, you can investigate subleasing space from other entrepreneurs, which reduces costs.
rolling in money lady excited

2. You’ll Need Less Capital to Get Started

Bootstrapping is an effective strategy that allows you to grow into your business and keep initial financial outlays on the low end.

Instead of stressing over technology requirements and phone systems, you can concentrate on creating your sales funnel or refining your product. The fancy phone system can come later (if at all). A lean business structure keeps you flexible and focused.

3. Learn as You Go

When you base your business on a hobby, you can start by making a handful of products, selling them, then growing when you’re ready.

As your business takes off, you can educate yourself in other areas of running a business, creating a formal business structure, managing employees, and meeting regulatory requirements.
Dirty Words

4. You Can Start Today

If you set your sights on a small enterprise, the barriers are lower and you can get going more quickly. You don’t need a huge infrastructure, massive staff, or complete line of products to get started.
Baby Steps to online successYou Have NO Excuse for not Starting Your Business Today!

By doing everything yourself to start off with, you’ll learn all that’s needed to keep your company going. Of course, it’s great to hire out those things that you are not able to do, but if you have direct know-how those experiences inform your executive decisions down the road.

It will also help you make better decisions that impact your customers. While financial investment is necessary to building a business, your sweat equity is just as necessary to growing your endeavor.

6. It’s Simpler to Run

Smaller companies are lean machines and often have higher profit margins because they are simpler to run. There are fewer costs associated with overhead and administrative requirements with a small-scale business, and you can reassess market changes frequently and pivot when necessary.

When big jobs come through, you can team with other small companies or hire contractors to deal with the workflow if it’s more than you can handle.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Start small to test the market. Grow with intention. Sample the cheese before you bet the farm on your idea. When it comes to small business success, the truth is: scaled-down, slower growth companies do just as well as their big sisters.

Baby Steps to Business Success Requires Asking Yourself the Following Questions:

At the end of all of your blood, sweat and tears, what is it that you want to be said about how you used your life and your business to impact the lives of others?

Think about it this way.

  • What is the story that you want other’s to tell about your business?
  • What is the story that that you will tell others to help them “get” what it is that you do, and what it is that so special about your business that warrants their attention.
The Story is all that your customers will take away from you really in the end.

StorytellingSure, they may walk away with some kind of product or service offering.

  • But over time, that product or service offering will fade out of existence.
  • And then…all that they are left with is the story, the memories of what it is that your business did for them

Taking baby steps to business success requires that you take the time to figure out the story of your business, it’s impact, and how it operates to have a defined impact in the lives of your targeted customer audience.

  • Story is a powerful tool in helping you to figure out exactly what it is that you want your business to do, and how you want it to grow.
  • Whether it was good, bad, or ugly…your customers will use the power of story to tell others about the interactions with you.

When Starting Your Business…

  • Know your customer’s wants, needs, desires and frustrations inside and out.
  • Then fervently design your business to meet and exceed their expectations…and then allow them to walk away with a story and an experience that strengthens their life.

This strategy is useful in almost every area of life, and when trying to achieve nearly any goal.

Just work towards one mini-victory at a time and make sure you celebrate each achievement in some small way—a little success goes a long way in propelling us to the finish line.

Here’s to your success in designing a business that customers will absolutely crave!

We have found an all-in-one business platform. You’re given your own website and back office to help you run the business. Plus you get capture pages and training to get the business off and running.
Check it OutEvery time we try to leap across multiple steps in building our business, we land on our butts. If we choose to take slow and steady baby steps and inch along, that way we’ve make good progress.

Usually, when we try to leap, not only do we fail in what we’ve trying to do. But also wasted weeks or months when we could have been taking the steady route.

Raising a child is like building a business (That’s what Dave tells me).

With my (Dave’s) kids, while they were in primary/ elementary school my wife and I (Dave) would have looked to have them got taught calculus, but it’s not realistic. Or while my (Dave’s) kids were in high school, we might wished they skipped TAFE/ college and went straight to a high paying job but it simply doesn’t work that way.


When Building Our Businesses, Why Does the Logic about Parenting get Thrown out the Window?

Imagine These Scenarios…

You can work on a partnership that might grow your sales a hundred times.
You could work on about a dozen small opportunities. That each could grow your business two or three times, and maybe more over time if they gain traction.

What Would You Do?
We know we’ve fallen for the temptation of the big opportunity several times. Most instances, when that happened we wasted months and didn’t get very far at all. Something went wrong.

With some grey hair (Dave), we’ve learnt that exploring many smaller things works better in the long run.

We think the temptation to pursue the “Big Thing” is a part of our business culture. That’s where we celebrate unicorns, and encourage entrepreneurs to create the next Apple or even Facebook.

Sadly, this obsession with quick growth and grandeur often can lead to disaster.

Remember, when a tortoise and a hare are racing, often the tortoise wins the race.

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As Entrepreneurs, we share the desire to create freedom in our “work” and “life” through Entrepreneurship. We live in the Golden Age of Entrepreneurs. Right now, there are more and more opportunities available so we can fulfill our dreams.

Still, there are some Entrepreneurs reading this that are stuck in their business and their life. You know who you are. You can’t figure out why you’re not making progress or what to do next in your business.

The “missing link” could be the type of Entrepreneur you are. Understanding your motivation as an Entrepreneur can be the key to growing your business and reaching whatever milestone of success you’re striving to achieve.

What Entrepreneur Type Are You?
Check out the 5 Types to decide for Yourself!

1. The Skeptical Entrepreneur

Let’s get the worst type of Entrepreneur out of the way first. Those that are skeptical see others succeed and immediately start questioning every little thing. They examine that person’s business and looks for the “lucky” breaks or even the inheritance they think that those successful entrepreneurs received.

The Skeptical Entrepreneur

Maybe it’s the news or previous life experiences, but they are skeptical of success and don’t believe it’s possible without all the stars falling into place.

When you can’t see or believe success is possible, you’ll never get to a place in your mind that allows you to take action. Once stuck; you’ll make every excuse and believe it because of your skeptical mindset.
Once stuck that’s how you stay!

2. The Copycat Entrepreneur

This Entrepreneur sees the success of others and tries to copy them exactly. This means that their website and business cards are the same. Also how the way they brand and present themselves is the carbon copy of a leader in their industry.Copycat Entrepreneur

There is nothing wrong with modeling success—it’s actually very smart.

There is a fine line, however, between modeling and copying. Modeling success means you see what works and figure out how to make it relevant to your business, and who you are as a person. If you’re currently copying, then it’s time to be honest with yourself and switch to modeling.

3. The Research Entrepreneur

This Entrepreneur researches every possible scenario and outcome for strategies to start or grow a business. As this person loves to learn. There is nothing wrong with learning, but when that’s all you do, it becomes a problem.Research Niche

Too many Entrepreneurs fall victim to information overload. The key to success is learning and then implementing. The implementing has to happen.

4. The Determined Entrepreneur

This Entrepreneur hasn’t “made it” but they will, no matter what. They see the value in entrepreneurship, they see that success is possible without copying, and they do everything they can to start or grow their business.

Starting and growing a business is hard, and it takes time, but there is proof that it’s possible to thrive.

Read: The Determined Entrepreneur – The Story of Dr. George Tinsley and the Values that Guided His Journey to Success. It looks at the values that guided one of America’s most improbable entrepreneurs on his life journey. The Determined Entrepreneur - The Story of Dr George Tinsley
You too could achieve real success. To get there, you need to change your mindset from focusing on what too many people consider “reality” to what you know your reality can be.

Keep in mind that “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

5. The Accomplished Entrepreneur

This Entrepreneur has gone through all the stages of entrepreneurship and building a business, and has reached success. They are now focused on scaling their business and leaving a legacy that extends beyond their lifetime.

These accomplished Entrepreneurs has figured out the things that will help you reach success. They understand their time is their most valuable resource so they use it wisely.

These people have figured out how to connect with their customer and how to solve their biggest problems. They are experiencing true freedom, but don’t believe they “make it”. As there is another frontier to explore and always more to achieve.

Elon Musk - Entrepreneur and Tesla CEO

What Type of Entrepreneur are you?

Get honest about which one you are and which one you want to be. Face the truth and make a change if it needs to be made. Success will be different for each of us, but if you’re stuck, it could be because you’re not the type of Entrepreneur you should and want to be.

Success takes time. Decide what you want from your business and how that fits into your life.

For those Entrepreneurs reading this that are stuck in their business and their life. You know who you are.

Maybe you can’t figure out why you’re not making progress or what to do next in your business.

The best Entrepreneurs learn how to use attraction marketing effectively. Attraction marketing is the concept of leading with value to attract your perfect prospects to you. We recommend that like us and our mentors that you check out the affiliate program that teaches Entrepreneurs attraction marketing and much much more.

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This is three of a series of articles to help Entrepreneurs. As so many struggle making money online!

This is a follow up article on the last 2 articles on bettering your Return On Investment (ROI).
One showed the basic math and solution to better ROI – Read Article Here. The other article showed how to better your ROI by going deep NOT wide – Read that Here.
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This is two of a series of articles to help Entrepreneurs. As so many struggle making money online!

This is a follow up of our Tips For Entrepreneurs Picking Products That Create More Income article where we showed you the basic math and the ROI – Return On Investment of your time when selling High Ticket Products over cheap items.
Here is another pitfall a lot of Entrepreneurs fall into… trying to sell a wide range of products to a wide range of people. If you presently marketing/selling a varied range of products, we are not saying you’re wrong doing that.

Read more

This is one of a series of articles to help Entrepreneurs. As so many struggle making money online!

Lets start with looking at what products and the price points that should be avoided…

Would you like to have products that make you more money and have less hassles?online profits in bags of money

1st thing that minimizes hassles is to sell other peoples products. So they stock them ship them and deal with the customer service and warranty issues.

With the product fulfilment sorted lets look at the first mistake many make, trying to be profitable online;

A lot of people try and sell products that are low cost, thinking that they are easier to sell, which means they compete on price, first.

Some of the issues with selling low cost products are normally the products are already at a discounted price, so your profit margin is low.

Then you have hundreds or thousands of similar or the same products being offered all over the internet. All in a price war, driving down costs and your profit margin. At the end of the day you need to have a huge number of sales to make pocket money.

Even if you have a unique product in a high demand product niche and it’s fantastic value. It’s still a similar amount of work setting up a sales page etc. However you end up making less than if you sold a high ticket (high price point) product.

Here’s an example… Lets say you wanted to make $10,000 per month.

We know it takes a similar amount of time to set up a sales page and a sales funnel and follow up emails etc

So if you are making $10 profit per sale, you need to sell 1,000 units per month… correct?

So you’ll need to spend something on advertising. Say you spend $5 per sale that is $5,000 in advertising.

So you profit is only $5,000 out of the $10,000 so you really need to sell 2,000 units in the month (that’s around 500 units per week) to have an income of $10,000, correct?

What if you sold high ticket products and the profit was say, $1,000 each sale. You only need to sell 10 products for the month (2.5 units per week) for your $10,000.

Now what if it cost you 10X (ten times) more in advertising to sell these more expensive products. So it cost you $50 per sale, you have spent $500 on adverting for the month. Which means you would keep $9,500 every month, correct!

Could you survive on that?rolling in money lady excited

The other positives to selling more expensive products is that they are normally in less of a price war.

Thus to make a similar return, you sold less number of products during the month which also means you haven’t needed to spend anywhere near the time doing Admin stuff and following up etc.

Does that seem a smarter business model?

What if you could generate $10,000 per month in you spare time!

What if… there was a simple system that you could leveraged other peoples time and their skills. Where you don’t have to buy the products up front, or do the phone sales, Would you like to see how… read on.

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And the sales funnel, sales pages, follow up emails, phone sales, customer service are all Done For You!

However you do need to be accepted for the Training and Coaching program and there is an outlay of $49. Which has a 30 day money back guarantee if it’s not for you.

You’re a smart person, other wise you wouldn’t be looking for an opportunity and you can see your potential. You probably can also see that you will be learning better ways to market which can be used on any product or business now or in the future…



We hope that helped you see an easy online business solution that is profitable with less hassles

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