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“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”
~ Chinese Proverb

I’ve attended several high-level seminars where all of the participants had invested at least hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars to be there and to build up their businesses. I have often looked around the audience and been amazed.

I see the obvious optimists and action-takers people who don’t make excuses and just get it done. In addition, there are people who have already been wildly successful with online business systems and that are taking things to the next level.

Also a handful of people, not many but definitely a few who I know aren’t going to get what they want and need out of this. Why? Because they’re the naysayers. They’re the people who, no matter what they have or are given, will find reasons NOT to do something.

Unfortunately, there are always a few at every Mastermind, Seminar or Summit. However, I’d argue that the masterminds I choose to attend have fewer than most. As these events are backed up by proven business programs and support systems.

Still, I can’t stand it.

These people come and they make a conscious choice to be negative and find every single reason they can’t do something. It’s exhausting. They take away from other attendees and they plant those dangerous seeds of doubt in at least a few people’s minds.

It’s frustrating those people paid money to be here and, equally importantly, invested themselves and their precious time. They don’t deserve to have some cranky participant raining on their parade. It’s not OK. And I want it to end.

One of the Most Common Complaints I Hear From these Naysayers?

NO is What Naysayers Say

In a Mastermind, Summit or Seminar it’s without a doubt; “information overload.” Just HEARING all of this is an enormous burden they’re being taught TOO MUCH.

Seriously?! That’s a silly complaint.

If you’re complaining about information overload at an INFORMATIONAL day or week-long event, then you need to take a good hard look at your expectations.

I’d guess that the person making that complaint is doing NOTHING with the information they’re being handed at the event. I’d guess they will just sit around, complain, and never take action. That’s why it feels like they’re overloaded. It has zero practical application – and that’s their fault.

So to these people – the negative forces, the naysayers, the people who are NEVER happy with anything—I say this. Take Action. Learn Something – even just ONE THING – and go do it, and do it well.

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If you learn how to place ads on Facebook, buy $50 worth of ads immediately. Just take action. Drop the excuses and do something.

Whatever your excuse is or whatever is standing between you and success, DROP IT. You need to gain some perspective. You have lots of advantages and lots of positives in your corner. Look at the incredible access and opportunities being handed to you – for example by just by living in a first-world country, or that you’re even alive.

Those are just two reasons to NEVER complain. I am sure there is many more if you think about it.

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