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The conventional wisdom is that to be successful, you have to be really hungry for it, never content with mere sufficiency and outdoing everyone else. Surprisingly, aiming for good enough is a better approach.

This change in mindset took me from a struggling entrepreneur to a success…

A big turning point for me was when I started embracing the concept of, ‘Good enough, is good enough.’ It means you focus on launching things that bring in the money fast, and you don’t worry about getting every little detail 100% perfect.

It doesn’t mean you don’t care about quality. You do. It just means that you sacrifice a little bit of quality which no one really cares about, for the sake of speed of execution.


Let’s say a project is going to take you 10 days to get done to a 100% perfection level.

After 1 day of working on your project, you’ve got your project to a 20% perfection level. After 3 days, you’re at a 45% perfection level. After 5 days, you’re at a 70% perfection level.

And after 6 days, you’re at a 80% perfection level, etc. These numbers aren’t an exact science, but you get the point. The greatest increases in completing something to perfection happen in the early stages.

Clock Showing of Percentage Project Completed

In the final stages, each incremental % of completed becomes more insignificant. If you take the 10 full days, then yes, you might be able to make the project 100% perfect.

But rather than spending those final few days working on things that most people won’t even notice or pay extra for, your time is better spent getting something to a say, 75 – 80% perfection level.

And then you move on to working an other projects. Go for speed over perfection.

Keep in mind if something ends up being a big hit, that you can come back and perfect it, if you want. A lot of what you launch likely won’t be a big hit, so by working the way I describe above, you get through the duds faster and uncover the winners.

It all comes down to whether you’re a maximizer or a satisficer.

Do You Do More or Less - Weigh Your Answers

A maximizer yearns for perfection — making the best decision after weighing all the choices.

That’s why high achievers fall into the peculiar trap of getting mentally caught up in what they haven’t done. There’s always something else to be working on because it feels like, the more you do, the more you gain an edge.

However focusing too hard on maximizing your productivity and choices can come at an ultimate cost to your time, health, and happiness. Ironically, maximizing doesn’t lead to the optimal result.

While a satisficer goes for “good enough.” This doesn’t mean you have to settle for lower standards.

I trained myself to become a satisficer. I’m now all about speed and execution first, and then working out the details later. Once I adopted this this mindset, I finally started experience success in my life and business.

If you struggle to get things done, then maybe it’s because you’re focussed on perfection rather than fast execution. I’m going to suggest you change that.

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As promised in my last article; How Being A Perfectionist Can Hinder Your Business & Life, I will be telling you the Strategies for Coping with Perfectionism. These come from the book “When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough” written by Martin M. Antony PhD and Richard P. Swinson MD.

In this book, you discover – the root cause of your perfectionism, explore the impact of perfectionism on your life, and find new, proven-effective coping skills to help you overcome your anxiety about making mistakes.

Also includes tips for dealing with other perfectionists and discussions about how perfectionism is linked to worry, depression, anger, social anxiety, and body image. Read more

You might be thinking that doing everything perfectly may seem a recipe for success.

You would not be completely correct…

“While some aspects of perfectionism can be helpful in reaching one’s potential, the perfectionist attitude also has some downfalls that can seriously ruin both your personal and professional growth.”
–   Excerpt from Book ‘When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough”

While it’s true perfectionists can be rewarded for their flawless performances and may even think their desire to never make a mistake is what makes them more efficient at their job, the obsession for perfect may indeed stand in the way of success. Read more