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Now we have been asked:“Why it’s important to clean your email list regularly.”

Being proactive in your email list cleaning is an essential part of any successful email marketing strategy because without it by the time you discover that you have an issue with email hygiene it’s generally too late.

How do you know when it’s time to clean your email list?

Well, you can usually see the first warning signs in your email marketing statistics. Just login into your Email Marketing Service Provider (aka Mail Chimp or AWeber) and see if you have any of these following problems:

  • Reduced open rate
  • Reduced click through rate
  • More unsubscribes
  • More spam complaints

All of this adds up to one big red flag. If people aren’t opening and clicking, they aren’t converting. That means you’re missing out on leads, sales and revenue.

Want more reasons why you need to clean your email list? Keep Reading…

My 8 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Email List Regularly Starting from Today

1. Increase Email Deliverability

LawAs your deliverability rate lowers, so does your reputation with internet service providers (ISPs).

A poor reputation will lower your deliverability even further. So avoid this spiral by cleaning your email list regularly to eliminate invalid data and keep your VIP stat looking polished and healthy.

2. Reduce your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a vital sign indicating the general health of your email list.

List cleaning keeps your bounce rate tiny by removing the invalid, discontinued, and fake emails that are responsible for most hard bounces and identifying risky ones that could lead to additional hard or soft bounces.

If your bounce rate goes above 3 to 5%, you will immediately see a negative impact on your deliverability and inboxing rates. At 8 to 10%, your delivery rates will start to drop dramatically.

Additionally, some systems employed by email service providers, like Omnivore by Mailchimp, will suspend your account if you just exceed the standard bounce rate for your industry.

3. Reject the Junk Folder > Find the Inbox

Email Hygiene - Get Emails into Inbox not the Junk FolderEmail list cleaning is essential to a successful inboxing strategy. While email design best practices plays a vital role in inbox placement rates.

It doesn’t matter how relevant your subject line, if your company is known for sending to unresponsive, closed or inactive email accounts then there’s a higher chance that your emails will get flagged and redirected to the junk folder.

4. Protect All Your Reputations

Undelivered emails and spam traps can do a number on your sender reputation in a hurry. The internet is kind of like high school– once you get a bad reputation word spreads quickly. Reputation Management Helps You To Look Good OnlineYou will soon find yourself blocked from the inboxes you want to reach.

And you don’t have just one reputation to protect. Once upon a time, your email sender reputation was all about server (or IP) reputation. While server reputation is still very important, it’s equally important today to watch out for your domain reputation.

5. Avoid Honey Pots

Honey Pots (or Spam Traps) are valid email addresses created for sole the purpose of catching spammers at work. They are like kryptonite for your sender score and can even get you blacklisted by ISPs.

The best email verification services update their databases of known spam traps continually, to help you avoid being tripped up by one. No service can truthfully promise to remove all honey pots from your lists. But following email collection best practices and regular list cleaning will help to keep you off the ISP hit list.

6. Fewer Spam Complaints

Dirty WordsCleaning your email list reduces the number of spam complaints. Some subscribers mark your emails as spam because they don’t remember signing up, even if they actually did.

The problem is that email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and others log spam complaints. If there are too many, they’ll start sending your emails straight to the spam folder, which means skipping the inbox.

And they’ll do that for everyone you send email to – not just the people that reported you. That is a huge problem for all Email Marketers.

Email Cleaning helps by cutting down on the number of subscribers who are annoyed enough to mark your emails as spam. Fewer spam complaints equals a better sender reputation. That means more of your emails will reach subscribers’ inboxes.

7. Lower your Sending Costs

Stop Money From Slipping Through Your FingersWould you change Email Marketing Service Provider to save 22% on your annual bill?
If so, then why are you wasting money sending to an email list that hasn’t been cleaned?

Email data degrades at an estimated rate of around 22% per year as people change addresses, jobs or just disappear from the digital space. If you haven’t cleaned your list in a year then you are paying to send emails to accounts that are no longer active.

We definitely don’t recommend this! You could be using the money you save on your email service provider in your marketing e.g. Facebook Advertising.

8. Increased Data Accuracy Leads (Better Reporting) to Superior Strategies

Improve Data Accuracy

When your email list is bloated with unengaged subscribers, it can be hard to tell how your email marketing strategy is working.

It feels great to hit benchmarks for email collection. For example, what if your company database just hit half a million contacts? That’s great!

However, if you’re hanging onto dead leads in your database just to pad your stats it is nothing but vanity.

Good strategy sometimes involves making tough decisions. Swallow your pride and cut your list down to its true size.

A smaller list that’s truly interested in and acting on your messages, will provide you with email marketing statistics that will be more accurate. That means you can safely use that data to guide your future marketing efforts.

Just to Recap:

Cleaning your email list will generate immediate positive results that bring you greater returns on the time, energy, creativity, and money that you invest in your mailing campaigns.

Execute an email list cleaning now or before your next email campaign to avoid much bigger issues down the road.

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If you currently use AWeber as your Email Marketing Service Provider then you can manually clean your list by following these instructions.

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With the onslaught of blogs, discussion forums and user-generated media it has changed the flow of information about people, products, and brands forever. Anyone with a computer, a video camera or even a cell phone can post information, reviews, and comments about you and your brand on dozens of highly visited online destinations.

It’s no longer enough to create a website and assume that prospects will learn about your company solely from there. In today’s online social media world, businesses of all shapes and sizes must actively participate in online reputation management.

For small businesses having a good reputation is important to compete against larger competitors. Especially with the increase in online activity. With the introduction of the Internet, many small businesses have to compete harder to maintain their position with their customers.

Did you know:

  • 85% of your potential customers use the internet to research your company before they decide to make a purchase.
  • 79% of your potential customers value personal and online recommendations in their search for a reputable company.

So What Does This Mean if You’re a Business Owner?

It means that managing your company’s reputation both online and offline has never been so important.

Reputation is critical to a business. A business that acts in an unethical way suffers on many levels including financial (fines, loss of revenue), valuation decreases, branding (distrust) and public relations. Trust is the cornerstone of a successful business and once a brand loses trust with its customers, it can take years to recover if ever.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.”
Warren Buffet

In order to help your online reputation, you will need to build a web presence. This allows customers to compare you to your competition. It also helps clients to understand what your business is about while providing a few advantages along the way which include:

  • Building Customer Trust – Positive online reputation will increase customer trust overall. You will develop authority, expertise and credibility in your field in the eyes of your customers. The more you gain the trust of your customers, the better the reviews and the increase in customers you will gain.
  • Brand Exposure – Building and managing your reputation can also help to promote brand exposure. The more people know about your business the more likely they will shop with you.

Of course we know the best way to manage your online reputation from a business standpoint is to put out great products, provide excellent customer service and honor all your commitments. That’s certainly a great start, but you may still need to monitor and respond to what’s being said about your organization.

Reputation management, however, is not simply about responding to the negative; it’s equally important to amplify the positive.

The only way to control what people say about your company is to be part of the conversation.

Ways to Manage Your Reputation – Get Started…

Local Reputation Management

  • Sponsor local fun runs, sporting events or other entertainment avenues to show the local public your committed to the community.
  • Donate time, money or services to a charity event to help raise money for a good cause. Businesses who participate in activities such as this are more recognised in the public eye.
  • Handle negative feedback and comments politely and constructively. Always offer a positive reply in return. Handle each one individually and address their concerns, disappointments, or negativity politely.

Volunteering in the Community

Savvy Businesses realize that the best thing they can do is to serve their community, irrespective of whether or not someone is in a buying cycle. One of the most important tools that you can use is community.

There are 11 Benefits that Communities can give to Your Business – Read Them Here!

Online Reputation Management

Networking with Community

Build Your Reputation.

There’s a number of sites that are launched with the sole purpose of allowing you to build an online reputation by inviting people to write reviews about you and your work. LinkedIn is an professional networking community that allows and encourages this practice.

Respond to positive and negative reviews on different review websites.

90% of what people say will impact your business and their buying decision. Take the time to respond to as many reviews as possible. Thank them for the review, respond to the feedback, and encourage them to continue shopping with you.

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Participate in Social Media to Build and Manage Your Reputation.

Social media is a powerful tool that can work wonders for your business when used correctly. Use posts to interact and engage with the customers by answering questions, asking questions, or replying back to positive or negative comments. This is important as customers will see you’re committed to good customer relations.

One of the best ways to combat negative comments is to make sure you have lots of positive content showing up for searches of your name or company. Best practices such as creating well-written LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, and writing and submitting articles to article directories can help assure that you have a lot of positive content attributed to your name online.

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Host and Keep Updating a Blog.

A blog with frequently updated content and information is a great tool. By starting a blog and inviting customers to leave comments you can keep an eye out for an potential issues. If customers have an issue, and you help them get the answer by way of your blog, you may turn that issue into something positive and stop them from posting negative comments elsewhere.


If they leave a completely untrue or hateful review on your blog, it may be best to either remove it or answer it tactfully.

Also, we recommend to ask to be a guest blogger on another site in your niche and accept high quality work from others for your site too.

Build Multiple Business Profiles and Employ Social Search Engines.

Claim and enhance your business listings on search engines such as Google Business, Yelp, InsiderPages, and Better Business Bureau.

These sites enhance your business listing and allow users to rate your services and write testimonials. The best thing you can do on these sites is create a great profile and encourage your customers to post positive reviews.

More of these reviews are being picked up by search engines like Google and shown in their local directories.

Sign up for News Alerts.

Google allows you to set up custom searches on Google News for any phrase, such as your name.

When you subscribe to this search, either via RSS or e-mail, you’ll receive an alert anytime your search phrase shows up in the news. If you need to closely monitor what’s being said online in real time, use Twitter’s search.twitter.com feature.

Once you have created a strong online and offline reputation, it’s time to market your company.

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Managing your business’s reputation is crucial to whether your business will be successful. By following the tips and tricks above you can easily generate the reputation you’re looking for while maintaining credibility with your customers. So how is your business reputation fairing in this competitive world?

Talk Soon,

Nicky and Dave