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The “hero’s journey” applies to starting anything new but in this article, we’re going to use it to refer to a business and how you can take someone on a journey to becoming a customer of your business – take them on their own hero’s journey.  Of course, if you are the person just getting started in your business then this is your journey too as you can see it from both sides

What is The Hero’s Journey?

It’s a FORMULA that almost every single human on this earth gets, bonds and resonates with on a deep level. Read more

Storytelling is important when you are email marketing.Why?  Because people are resistant to being sold to but they do like to buy and the way we have found to do this effectively is through storytelling.

Did you know that Email marketing is 40 times more successful at acquiring new customers than both Twitter and Facebook? Moreover, 66% of online consumers have purchased a product or service as a result of an email. This and other interesting email data proves that email is still one of the most effective online marketing channels for sales and it’s one we use in our business every day.

Why do people respond so well to storytelling?

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