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This is three of a series of articles to help Entrepreneurs. As so many struggle making money online!

This is a follow up article on the last 2 articles on bettering your Return On Investment (ROI).
One showed the basic math and solution to better ROI – Read Article Here. The other article showed how to better your ROI by going deep NOT wide – Read that Here.
Want to make $10,000 per month online? Read to the end…

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This is one of a series of articles to help Entrepreneurs. As so many struggle making money online!

Lets start with looking at what products and the price points that should be avoided…

Would you like to have products that make you more money and have less hassles?online profits in bags of money

1st thing that minimizes hassles is to sell other peoples products. So they stock them ship them and deal with the customer service and warranty issues.

With the product fulfilment sorted lets look at the first mistake many make, trying to be profitable online;

A lot of people try and sell products that are low cost, thinking that they are easier to sell, which means they compete on price, first.

Some of the issues with selling low cost products are normally the products are already at a discounted price, so your profit margin is low.

Then you have hundreds or thousands of similar or the same products being offered all over the internet. All in a price war, driving down costs and your profit margin. At the end of the day you need to have a huge number of sales to make pocket money.

Even if you have a unique product in a high demand product niche and it’s fantastic value. It’s still a similar amount of work setting up a sales page etc. However you end up making less than if you sold a high ticket (high price point) product.

Here’s an example… Lets say you wanted to make $10,000 per month.

We know it takes a similar amount of time to set up a sales page and a sales funnel and follow up emails etc

So if you are making $10 profit per sale, you need to sell 1,000 units per month… correct?

So you’ll need to spend something on advertising. Say you spend $5 per sale that is $5,000 in advertising.

So you profit is only $5,000 out of the $10,000 so you really need to sell 2,000 units in the month (that’s around 500 units per week) to have an income of $10,000, correct?

What if you sold high ticket products and the profit was say, $1,000 each sale. You only need to sell 10 products for the month (2.5 units per week) for your $10,000.

Now what if it cost you 10X (ten times) more in advertising to sell these more expensive products. So it cost you $50 per sale, you have spent $500 on adverting for the month. Which means you would keep $9,500 every month, correct!

Could you survive on that?rolling in money lady excited

The other positives to selling more expensive products is that they are normally in less of a price war.

Thus to make a similar return, you sold less number of products during the month which also means you haven’t needed to spend anywhere near the time doing Admin stuff and following up etc.

Does that seem a smarter business model?

What if you could generate $10,000 per month in you spare time!

What if… there was a simple system that you could leveraged other peoples time and their skills. Where you don’t have to buy the products up front, or do the phone sales, Would you like to see how… read on.

You are a mouse click away from watching a short video that shows you perfect opportunity. A ‘Done For You’ system using leverage to sells High Ticketed products. With this Turnkey Business System you can make $1,250, $3,00, $5,000 even up to $20,000 per sale.

And the sales funnel, sales pages, follow up emails, phone sales, customer service are all Done For You!

However you do need to be accepted for the Training and Coaching program and there is an outlay of $49. Which has a 30 day money back guarantee if it’s not for you.

You’re a smart person, other wise you wouldn’t be looking for an opportunity and you can see your potential. You probably can also see that you will be learning better ways to market which can be used on any product or business now or in the future…



We hope that helped you see an easy online business solution that is profitable with less hassles

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