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We all know that we should back up our video files on a regular basis and how disruptive and even devastating it can be to lose our entire library of video content.

YouTube is the #1 medium to distribute your videos.

However, there are certain limitations when you upload video to YouTube. Those are:

  • YouTube converts uploaded videos to its own format with some loss of clarity. Which is no match to your original video.
  • Download options for YouTube video is very limited.
  • Finally the Big One!!!!
    If YouTube chooses to delete your video or suspend your account, all your videos are completely gone. Of course this also can happen if some hacker gains access to your account.

So backing up is vital.

However, only a few people actually store their original videos on local hard drives or even on the poor DVD. It’s not that you don’t want to back up your YouTube channel videos, it’s just difficult to maintain local copies.

Lets first see how you can backup your existing videos.

Luckily, any video files uploaded in the past to YouTube can easily be salvaged by the channel owner as the site keeps a copy of all your uploaded video content.

There are TWO WAYS to do this…

1. *Best Option* –
Download Your Entire Archive Collection Of Videos at Once

If you have a substantial number of videos, or want to download more than two per hour then the best option is to download your whole collection in one go

1) Make sure you are signed into the YouTube account that you need your video content from.

2) Then click on the the following link:

2) Select YouTube from the list of the Google products.

3) Configure the Settings for the Archive of your YouTube Videos

4) Click the button ‘Create Archive

Google Drive file storage5) Once created, you can download the full collection to your computer so that you have a second copy (first one will be on your Google Drive).

Which is beneficial as Google Drive not only makes it easy to backup your YouTube videos, but also makes video management simple. You can download backup videos any time, email directly as attachments, sync them locally and even preview them in Google Drive.

6) So Backup. Back up. Back up.

2. Downloading The Individual MP4 File Via Video Manager

If you just need to download a few video files then this is a quick and easy way of doing it.

However keep in mind that you can only download a maximum of two videos per hour and the video file will be compressed, not the original version.

1) Make sure you are signed into the YouTube account

2) Go to Creator Studio
YouTube MP4 Individual Download- Step 1
3) Then Go to your Video ManagerYouTube MP4 Individual Download- Step 2

4) Click on the down arrow next to the video that you need to download.YouTube MP4 Individual Download- Step 1

5) Choose the ‘Download MP4‘ from the drop down menu
YouTube MP4 Individual Download- Step 36) Save to the folder of your choice on your desktop or laptop

YouTube MP4 Individual Download- Step 5

7) Backup. Back up. Back up.

backup backup backup
What advice or tips do you have for backing up your video files?
Please let me know in the comments below!

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