How to Boost Your Business’ Online Presence Now

In today’s market, growing your business is the most vital thing to do if you want to keep it surviving. And businesses cannot grow without relevant audiences and customers.

Therefore, getting to more clients via a strong online presence is the key to sustain, as people no longer rely on traditional marketing mediums as newspapers, ads on televisions, etc. Online marketing is taking over the world and you have to go with it in order to mark your presence in the market today.

If a prospective client is to search for your business online, they should be able to see your website or any online activity in the form of written or graphic content, customer reviews, or any other content related to your business, and spreads awareness about it. All of it is considered your online presence.

Search engines like Google have made it more than easy to find anything online. For most of us, the thing to do if stuck in any kind of problem is to just simply Google it! It works the same for businesses.

By having a strong online presence, you can increase your chances of being found online as per research, about 80% of consumers look for businesses online before making any purchase or sales.

And 94% of people get an impression about your business by the way your website looks, so make sure it’s catchy and user-friendly. If you are considering establishing or boosting your online presence, here are some strategies to help you make it better.

Do Website Content Audit

The most crucial and utterly necessary part of your online presence is your website.

Businesses are coming up with their beautiful websites almost every day. But working on your website’s aesthetics is not enough. No doubt that attractive-looking websites do more business than poorly looking ones but they still must present reliable and up-to-date information.

All sorts of content on your website, your blogs, articles, videos, etc. must be regularly updated to keep it useful for the users. Remember, 93% of business decisions at the customer’s end start with a search engine search, without a website you may lose a major part of prospective business.

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Check Your Site Speed

Site speed matters the most for a website.

Your audience expects your pages to load under a second and 39% of people tend to stop interacting with a page if it takes too long to load. For an average website, 47% of users expect a standard two seconds to load, if it takes longer than that, it’s bad news.

Page speed can get slower due to factors such as heavy video formats or heavy images, server issues, etc. You should always keep a check on your page speed whenever you update the content of your website. Google provides Page Speed Insights, you can use this to get suggestions on making your page speed faster.

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Check Website Citations

Citations are an important factor for ranking local searches. If managed correctly, they can cause improvement in the local search rankings of websites. Citations are references for any business and include its name, address, and phone number or NAP.

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For Google, it is important that your NAP is in the correct order as it uses it to list your business on the local searches. If you want to increase your chances of appearing in the top 3 Google search results, make sure that your business is listed on various platforms with the same NAP to increase your credibility.

Post on Social Media Sites

Social media sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc. offer the most appropriate platform for business to use for marketing.

Studies show that 75% of audiences do not believe in the credibility of advertisements. However, the content you share on social media can help you to develop a more trusting relationship with your audience.

70% of consumers believe the reviews your clients leave on your social media and tend to act upon those opinions.

Just make sure to stay active on social media sites and keep interacting with your audience to make them feel welcomed, ultimately they will start to trust your brand.

Ask For Reviews from Customers

Interacting with your customers/ clients on your website or social media accounts is another way of keeping your business presence active online. You can ask your clients and customers to leave a review of your product or service once they acquire it. This review can either be in the form of a message, post, comment, or even a video review on social media.

Anything that helps in promoting the genuine review of your products would also make people satisfied with your brand. Moreover, you can also post these reviews on listing websites and strengthen your online presence.

Setup a Blog and Publish a Blog Posts Regularly

To make your online presence more improved and enhanced, you can also use your content marketing strategies. The most effective one is to introduce a new blog post on your website once a week.

I recommend to those starting a blog on their website to publish a blog post three times a week for three months, then the next three months publish a blog post twice a week, after that publish a blog post once a week is better.

I was doing this then, I dropped the ball abit when it comes to publishing blog posts once a week and I only did it monthly. I am now going to once again publish a blog post every week.

With the constant supply of fresh content, your web presence will stay active and relevant. If time poor or your not confident in your copywriting then I have a solution for you.

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With the constant supply of fresh content, your web presence will stay active and relevant. If time poor or your not confident in your copywriting then I have a solution for you.

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Remember the more content you offer on your site, the higher your chances of engaging your audience will get. It is truly said that content is the backbone of your website, so use it accordingly to make your website stand out from the rest.

Your content, if it’s adding value to your business, will ultimately make your website rank higher on Google’s search results.

Technical SEO Audit

You may think that your websites are in optimum condition, but going for a technical SEO audit will never harm you. These audits make sure that the SEO health of your content and pages is up to date. These audits are helpful in pointing out any broken link or missing data loop with the content or web descriptions.

These URLs and meta-description are important as Google and other search engines consider these when they rank websites on result pages. Any broken or missing link may hamper your chances of getting higher ranks.

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Launch a Business Newsletter

To strengthen your online presence, your business can also use email marketing. Most businesses may think that email marketing is time-consuming and takes more effort. It is true.

However, email marketing also has the greatest ROI than any other marketing technique. Gathering content, setting up templates, managing the list of subscribers, etc. for those who have time, it is a great opportunity to use and get a prominent payoff.