Use Trint the Transcription Automated Service

Are you getting your videos and audio transcribed so you can even re-purpose transcripts into other types of material, such as new articles, slide presentations, or social media posts?

If Yes, it must be costing you alot of time and money. We have found a quick (minutes not hours) and cost-effective way do this. That is by using Trint, an Automated Transcription Service.

Which was Foundered by Jeff Kofman. Who is an Emmy-winning reporter, foreign correspondent, and war correspondent. Trint has already helped thousands of people transform their workflow thanks to him and his talented team.

Jeff Kofman - Emmy Winner Reporter and CEO of Trint

“As a 
reporter, I spent thousands of hours of my life transcribing. Iʼve lived the pain.
I often dreamed of something that would make it easier.
Trint does just that. I think of it as Transcription Relief.”
~ Jeff Kofman

It goes beyond transcription, by providing the world’s most collaborative and innovative platform so you can get the most out of your audio and video content. This is done by converting it to searchable, editable interactive transcripts with Trint. Just like magic.

Where does the name ‘Trint’ come from?

Trint /trint/

Noun Innovative AI transcription software that takes the pain of transcription and transforms audio and video content. Iʼll check the Trint.

How Trint Works

1. Choose a Pricing plan that work for you

Individuals – Pay for transcription by hour or subscribe monthly.

Trint Plans for Individuals-PAYG

*Monthly subscriptions auto-renew every 30 days, hours are valid for 60 days after date of original credit.

Businesses – Get a custom plan created thatʼs ideal for your team or enterprise no matter the size. Fill Out the Form!

2. Upload: Drop your audio/video files *(.MP3, .MP4, .M4A, .AAC, .WMA, .AVI, .WAV, .MOV) straight into Trintʼs web-based AI transcription software on the website or app.

3. Transcribe: They use artificial intelligence to transcribe your file and completed transcripts back in minutes.

4. Edit: Search, verify and if necessary you can edit your transcripts.

5. Export: Quickly distribute and share your content in a variety of formats.

Save yourself some time and money!

Trintʼs fast, efficient platform means you get first-draft transcripts for a fraction of what youʼd pay in time or money elsewhere. So do yourself a favor and sign up today!

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Talk Soon,
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