SEO Tips – Google Loves Relevant Content

  • Get the SEO Results you Deserve

Google wants to deliver the best relevant content for the user.

That’s what’s made Google the No.1 search engine. Giving the consumer the most relevant results from a search.

To rank high on Google you either;

  • Pay Google through a Google Adwords Campaign or
  • You have well structure, easy to read, and recent/ regular content on your website that people want.

Organic search strategy works best when it addresses a specific need or topic. You can have multiple variations for keywords with any topic, so the focus should be on what the user is looking and the article should be written so that your client can find what they need.

We need to keep in mind that Google’s algorithm rule of thumb is to deliver organic search results that best helps the searcher find the answer they are looking for. So with this in mind you need to start with content that helps your clients.

Remember Voice Search.

Your content for any website page either News page, Blog or Our Services etc. Needs to be easy for both human and machines to read and comprehend.

Watch Video Below! Nicky talks about SEO Tips, so you can get Google to love your content too.

The STATS Show How Doing Regular Articles Can Increase Traffic

These few statistics from Kapost sure put blogging in perspective:

  • Blogs give websites 434 percent more indexed pages and 97 percent more indexed links.
  • Blogs on company sites result in 55 percent more visitors.
  • B2B companies that blog generate 67 percent more leads per month than those that do not blog.

These numbers demonstrate the impact writing new posts and/or news articles can have on your Google ranking.

Tips for Writing Good Copy for SEO

  • Make sure the Article’s URL makes sense as it helps Google list the article.
    For example;
    Not like this;
    It’s better to be like this;
  • Articles should be fresh content. MUST NOT BE Copied Content, unless you take a small extract & link it to the original complete article. In this case, you need to recognise the original author.
  • Try and have the main keywords toward the start of the articles sentence & paragraphs.
  • Make sure you use good spelling and punctuality.
  • Start the article with an Introduction (paragraph).
  • Present the Reason for the Articles (Blog / Post’s) existence.
    Your post needs to have a purpose…… It’s to address a specific problem. There’s always a problem that needs to be solved.
  • Content of article (2 or 3 paragraphs) at least for a short article. It must be a minimum 300 words.
  • Explain how the article (Blog/Post) will help address the problem – explain to the reader what the post will provide for them, and why it’s valuable information for them.
  • Conclusion (a paragraph) wrap up the article with a relevant solution/ solutions or ideas that the reader can understand and then implement.
  • Have a Call to Action – Example is; ‘…if you have a similar situation, contact us today.’
  • Make sure you use the SEO Functionality embedded in the Post Article Admin Area. Ensure you fill out these whole section:
    Use a relevant Article Description: Needs to be no more than 160 characters. As most search engines use a maximum of 160 characters for the description.
    Keyword or phrase: Add a Keyword or up to 10 relevant keywords or string of keywords at the absolute maximum.
    Tags: Add up to 10 relevant Tags (words or string of words that appear in the article) no need to use your business name or other common words. The Tags used need to be relevant and unique to the article content.

The Best SEO Tools

Fact is that WordPress offers the Best SEO friendly website platform. If you set it up correctly and have the right Plug Ins.

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Bonus Tip!

When using WordPress install the free Plug In called Yoast SEO. The reason we suggest this is that Yoast will score your page Readability and SEO and tell you what needs improving. We think this a a great tool to make all your webpages more Google friendly.

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I will leave you today with this – “Google Loves Relevant Content.”
So start writing articles and keep pumping it out!

Talk Soon,
Dave Cane