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“Beware of little expenses;
a small leak will sink a great ship.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

If money routinely slips through your fingers …

One of the best things you can do to forever change your financial situation, is to start categorizing your money as it flows into your life.

You put it into different categories, with very specific purposes.
The big mistake most people make in society and why most remain relatively poor their entire lives is because when money does show up, they give it no purpose, and they have no rules or discipline.

It might offend some people to hear me say this, but most people’s financial problems are not a result of them not making enough money.

They’re a result of them being poor money managers of what they have. For proof, just look at how the average lottery winner ends uphere.The Downsides of Winning the Lottery

Most end up broke or going bankrupt, because they’ve never been taught properly how to manage money, and they have poor financial habits.

A simple mistake most people make is putting all their new money into just one category; ‘the money I have available.’

Whether they need money for food, groceries, mortgage repayments, the kid’s tuition, the mechanics bill, etc. It doesn’t matter. The person reaches into their bank account and takes the money out when they perceive a need.

What they should do instead… is categorize their money as it flows into their life.

  • A % of their money goes to an account for everyday expenses.
  • A % goes into an account purely for savings, where there’s a penalty for each withdrawal.
  • A % of their money goes to an account for fun activities and holiday expenses.
  • Another % of their money goes to an account specifically for investments.

I gave my money a purpose. I set up different bank accounts for different purposes.

My main bank account was this saving /investing account.
My other bank account is my ‘everyday expenses’ bank account, and I starved that bank account. Rarely was there ever more than $200 in that account.

Till this day, I still do a variation of the same thing.

Are you where you want to be financially?
Do you feel like there has to be a better way of handling money?

Are you tired of dealing with student loan and credit card debt?

Do you want to invest but don’t know where to start?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions then you are in luck. This AMAZING money management course will provide the answers to these questions and more.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to planning your finances it can seem like an extra chore at best.

Building a solid financial plan is built on uncertainty, fear and confusion in most cases.

In the end, these emotions make you want to avoid planning for your financial future and settle for a life less than. Financial literacy education is a life-long process and requires constant attention.

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