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“You see things and say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that
never were and say, ‘Why not?'”

~ George Bernard Shaw

For most of us, time — or lack thereof — seems to be an issue. It doesn’t matter if your an entrepreneur, business owner, or a parent. We are always on the lookout for great ways to squeeze more time out of the day.

Like most of us, we love being effective with our work, and family/ me time. We like spending as much time as possible with our family. When it comes to “me” time, well…
Nicky love’s watching TV shows, and we figured out a way to do this faster, too…

Which is Speed Watching.

This is the act of watching videos at faster playback speeds than normal. On YouTube, Openload and with programs like VLC, you can do this by selecting your own speed of playback.
Settings to Speed up Youtube VideosWhile 1x speed would play a video at normal speed, 2x speed would play a video twice as quickly and thus save you half the time.

But What About Comprehension?

Can you watch video that’s moving that quickly and still understand what’s going on? The answer is yes, and unlike speed reading, you don’t really need any practice to get started.

Tip: Now you can’t just go from 1x speed to 2x speed. Watch the videos below and you will understand why. You have to take a natural progression. Nicky started at 1.2x speed and built the speed up. While Dave likes 1.2x speed just fine.

If you started watching all your videos at 1.2x speed today, you’d immediately save more time and not lose any comprehension at all.

As you continue to speed watch, higher speeds get easier and easier to comprehend. I’ve (Nicky) has been speed watching for the last 3 years, and feel fairly comfortable watching at 2x the normal viewing speed, with some types of videos.

Speed of Youtube VideosAt the very least 1.2x speed does save you 20% time per each video.

So to take back the lost time that you didn’t realize you had in the first place, try speed watching. It might just help you binge-watch your favorite TV shows, TED Talks, or the next education video that you want (or even required) to watch.

No, we am not suggesting you watch everything fast. But perhaps you will adapt the 1.2x speed to most of you videos, so you will understand them 20% faster. While you cannot make more time, we think this is a good time hacking method – to free up some of your previously used time.

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