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Emotions are at the root of why people buy many things. A purchase decision for a basic need might be fact-driven, while something we really want – like a shiny new car, the latest iPhone or dream vacation is driven by emotion.

Emotional triggers drive us to react and can lead to action because of that feeling.

For example, you see an item in a store that strongly reminds you of joyful, happy memories from your childhood. You are immediately filled with warmth and nostalgia. Because the item triggered happiness in you, you feel compelled to purchase it.

The item’s designer successfully appealed to your emotions in order to sell their product. The exact same principle can be applied to marketing messages.

How Emotional Advertising Works

The way emotions drive our decisions has roots in our biology. We’re wired to feel before we think. Feeling certain emotions makes us want to do certain things.

When marketing messages trigger our emotions, they motivate us to act in specific ways. This technique is persuasive, which is why it is so reliable. It can convince you to subscribe to an online newsletter, click “Buy Now” from your virtual shopping cart, share a post on social media, or make return visits to a blog.

When emotional advertising is effective, it makes our brains light up and respond in the way marketers desire. When it’s not effective, the message may make you feel sad instead of happy, angry instead of surprised.

Unsurprisingly, there are key emotions involved in purchase-making decisions.
Do you know the 8 emotions that drive us to buy what we want?
No? Read to find out!


Happiness is simple when something makes us feel happy, we want that feeling to continue. If the simple act of making a particular purchase is enough to inspire happiness in a consumer, then the brand is doing something right.


Happiness is also tied to instant gratification: It’s that feeling you get when you click “purchase.” That rush of excitement and anticipation that often accompanies buying something shiny and new can be addictive for many people.

love symbol on the wall2. LOVE

What do your customers love?
Their family, pets, career, hobbies, free time, fellow man, God and country, themselves?
Love is a powerful emotion; people can spend a lifetime and great sums of money pursuing their true love.


friend circle

Everyone likes to feel that they belong. In fact, as social creatures, we are hardwired to seek out belonging, avoid loneliness and even distrust loners.

When consumers feel like they belong to a brand, they feel like part of a larger whole.

Cultivate belonging in your customers by engaging with them on social media or creating a community within your brand. You want people to feel that they are part of this community when they use your services or products.


Trust is essential to any relationship, including one between a business and a consumer. In fact, it might just be the most important aspect.

When a consumer trusts you, they know that you’ll do right by them. You keep your promises, especially the ones you make in your marketing messages. Most of all, you’re sincere — and sincerity can’t be faked.



Some people just want a lot of things. The best, the biggest, the newest.
These are people are among your best prospects. Remember what Gordon Gecko from the movie Wall Street said, “greed is good.”


Dont hide your pride

Think back to your childhood…

Remember how you felt when you hit that home run, aced that test or won that award?

Flash forward to when you were older and drove your shiny new car to show off to your mates or collegues.

If pride is a sin, it sure does feels good, doesn’t it?


If you’re a parent, aunt or uncle, you’ve likely fallen prey to a guilt-trip from a child. They are the masters!

Guilt is easily manipulated through the marketing of expressions of love. But the marketisation of love and guilt has gone much further now. Good mothers buy things for their children.

They make sure that children do not miss out or that they are compensated.

guilt piled on from others


This may be the most powerful emotion of all.
The fear of making the wrong decision, not providing for your family or making a career misstep. So if your product or service can help the prospect overcome this fear, you begin to build trust in the relationship.

Fear is a powerful negative emotion. If triggered in the wrong way, it can scare off customers.

However, there are nuances of fear that can make purchases incredibly tempting.

FOMO, or “fear of missing out” is about dreading being left out because you lack the knowledge or experience that others have had without you.

As it turns out, FOMO can encourage people to buy into almost anything. We’re constantly in a race to keep up with technology, with our peers on social media, or with our coworkers in the office.

So we know the emotions that are at the heart of why we buy.
Marketing Messagers that are Heard

Learn to Use Emotional Triggers To Enhance Your Marketing Messages

Emotional marketing wins over using logic.

According to Impact, advertisers who used emotional messages to appeal to their target audience reported more success than advertisers who relied on logical ad campaigns.

The proof is in the pudding: Emotion works.

Now how do you utilize emotional triggers to super-charge your ad copy?

We have a few tips for you:

  • Utilize the word “FREE.”
    This word is effective for triggering emotions about value and happiness. Which creates instant gratification from not having to pay anything, e.g. for shipping for instance.
    However, “free” in the wrong context could send the wrong message. For example on a luxury clothing website whould cheapen the brand.
  • Play to those key emotions. Consider playing into happiness, trust, belonging, and fear.
  • Use short, simple language. Shorter words are better at appealing to emotions.


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One Must Understand the Power Of Emotional Advertising…

Our emotions are our most powerful motivators. We feel first, think later. As such, this biological emphasis on “gut feelings” is a strong way to pull people to your brand.

Use emotional advertising, and you may find customers who not only connect with your brand, but develop firm loyalty to your business.

What do you stand for and do what you offer?

Talk Soon,
Nicky & Dave

“The trouble is, you think you have time” ~ Buddah

How frequently have you felt like you needed a “fresh start” or to begin a “new chapter” in your life?

We’ve all been there… a major profession change, a life-changing encounter, or most generally the start of the new year.

Everything is extraordinary toward the start. We’re energized and propelled however at that point, after only half a month, that fervor begins to get decrease. Also, remaining on track gets increasingly troublesome.

Would you be able to relate? This is normal, so don’t stress in the event that you can.

Today we need to put a stop to this cycle for the last time!
Great or great?

12 Steps To Creating A Truly Happy And Fulfilled Life

1. Write Down Your Goals

Take the time to do this one very important and crucial exercise.

Accomplish Goal on Calendar

What do you want to accomplish in the next 30 days? Don’t just think about it or talk about it, write it down!

Studies have shown that the simple act of taking the time to write out your goals will dramatically increase the likelihood of achieving those goals!

So write, write, write!

2. Let Go Of “What Was”

It’s time to let go of the past (just leave it behind).

Let’s face it, you can’t change the past. In fact, the past doesn’t even exist anymore. The only place it exists is in your mind.

Let it go. Learn the lessons, look for the silver-linings, and be grateful for what “is” today and what will be tomorrow… It’s impossible to “receive” anything new and great when you’re holding on to the negative stuff from the past.

So, like the Disney song …

3. Forgive

Are you holding on to any resentment, anger or regret toward someone? If so, it’s time to forgive, and again you’ve got to let it go.

The only person you hurt when you don’t forgive, is yourself.

Don’t let anyone rent space in your head.

Young couple forgive each otherWho knows why people do what they do or say what they say. Stop trying to analyze it and make it mean something it doesn’t. That’s just wasted energy.

Be the bigger person. Just forgive and move on.

Also sometimes, we need to forgive ourselves for something we’ve done or said. No one’s perfect. We all make mistakes and have done and said things we are not proud of – let it go (as per #2 above) and forgive yourself.

Choose to be the best person you can be, starting today.

4. Live “Outside” The Box

Don’t follow the “crowd.”

the steering wheel of lifeMost people are unhappy with their lives. Be courageous and follow the path to your dream life (not your parents’, friends, or even society’s dream life).

This is YOUR LIFE.  YOU are the one at the steering wheel of your life. Unless you allow them to be – DONT.

5. Enjoy The Journey

Why? Because the “journey” is your life!

Sometimes we focus so much on the end result or the “goal” we wish to achieve, that we are not even enjoying the journey it takes to get there.

If you’re really hating your journey, then maybe it’s time to make some changes in your life and/or your goals (see #1).

6. Fail Forward

Most people are afraid to try something new because they are afraid to fail. Remember, the most successful people on this planet failed way more than the “average” person. In fact, if you ask any super successful person, they’ll tell you how they failed A LOT!

Why did they become successful? Because, they never gave up.

Don’t ever let the fear of “failure” get in the way of living your dreams. If you fail, get back on that horse, brush yourself off and learn the lessons you need to learn. get back on the horse

Then adjust your path and move forward… always move forward.

7. Eat Healthy & Be Active

You only have this one body. Remember, you can’t trade it in for a new one. So treat it well…

Healthy eating - fruit salad and toastWhat you do to your body today has a huge impact on how long you live and the quality of life you will lead in the future.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start now.

8. Be The Most Positive Person You Know

be positive good vibes onlyThe words you use when you communicate with others reflects your thoughts on the inside.

Like Buddha said “What you think you become.”

So don’t get caught up in negative conversations or gossip with others.

In fact, stay away from negative people altogether.

As they do not elevate you or your life but are “energy drainers.”. Remember, negativity is contagious and toxic . It will be difficult to manifest great things in your life being exposed to that negative energy.

Like Oprah said, “Be responsible for the energy you bring into a room.”

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9. Create Your Own “Circle Of Light”

Make it a priority that you will only hang out with great, positive and loving people. Sometimes it’s hard to find those people in your immediate social surroundings, if that’s the case, step “outside the box” and go find them.

friend circleYou can do that by joining a fun and positive “meetup” group that focuses on “inspiration” or on a topic that revolves around living your life positively.

It’s vital that you surround yourself with positive, highly evolved, loving people who elevate you.

10. Love More

Make it a priority to always come from a place of love.love symbol on the wall

Whether you are standing in the grocery line, stuck in traffic, or having a conversation with a co-worker, family member or a friend, coming from this love “state” not only affects how you feel, it affects how others feel around you too.

How do you do that? Simply ask yourself “If I were coming from a place of love right now, how would I act?” and then do that.

Sometimes it can simply be acknowledging another person with a big genuine smile, giving a compliment or just refraining from getting into a confrontation when you’re placed in a negative situation.

11. Go Within & Get Really Connected To “Source” (or the God of your understanding)

Simply be still, be present and go within.

Meditation is a phenomenal way to do that. There’s no better way to elevate your vibration, feel true inner peace and get the answers, solutions and guidance you are looking for.


AND last but not least…

12. Focus On What’s Important

Sometimes we get so consumed on the little things or we are so focused on achieving a specific goal, that we neglect the bigger and more important things in our life. Often, we don’t realize that — until it’s too late.

So what’s important?

RELATIONSHIPS – that is the most important “thing” in our lives. Don’t neglect, ignore, or dismiss the people who mean the most to you.

They won’t always be there. Keep Connected!people-connected

Remember, life is short. Don’t find out the hard way to learn this lesson, like many people do.

We all go through tough times in our lives. Life is full of its ups and downs. For some of us, those down’s last a really long time.

For us, our health was bad and Nicky was out of work. But that time period (2015-2017) forced Nicky to learn how to bounce back and make a comeback in my life.

And now it’s been an amazing in the past year, where we’ve worked to help people to bounce from any setbacks, obstacles or challenges when it comes to their businesses.

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