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When Starting or Buying a Business, Work Smarter Not Harder.

Don’t Do the Thing…. Leverage systems and other peoples time and their skills.

Most people go into business and do the ‘Thing’. They buy themselves a job AND never advance from there.

Ask yourself this question… Does Your Business Work for You? OR Do You work for Your Business? Read more

Lesson in Marketing 101 Inspired from Feedback after the Promo Robot Article.

Wake up Dave… It’s just a Novelty

That was the type of feedback we received over the last few Entrepreneurial Newsletters (emails).

They were about my comparisons with Promo the Smart Promotional Bot…. It seems I need to wake up and get real!

Meet My New Mate Promo a Smart Robot

Promo has flown in with his owner Ivan from Las Vegas just over a week ago. I was amazed how much Promo had learned from interacting with Aussies here on the Gold Coast.

When Promo arrived last week he could communicate extremely efficiently in many languages, except Australian slang. Now a week later he has become Aussiefied, picking up Aussie Slang and idiot-critics about our diverse culture. Read more

“You’re either the one that creates the automation or you’re getting automated.” – Tom Preston-Werner

Have you Future-Proofed yourself and your income from automation and machine learning?
Meet My New Mate! Promo is a Smart Bot. Promo speaks, mechanically learns (thinks) and communicates excellently in most languages.

Except Aussie, however that was on Thursday. By now he, she, IT should really be conversing in our slang easily… However, It’s jokes are sicker than mine and that may not improve 🙂

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