Mobile Technology & Smartphone Uses In Improving Businesses

Mobile Technology In Business

Although it may sound overwhelming (and expensive) to purchase new technology to improve your business or start an online one.

You probably currently have the largest investment in your pocket already: your smartphone. With an enormous collection of business-focused apps, businesses (especially small ones) can profit from mobile technology easier than greater companies with infrastructures that still rely on older tech or on paper systems.

A recent study shows how reliant small businesses have become on mobile technology. The 2013 AT&T Small Business Technology Poll says 85 percent of small businesses now use some kind of smartphone in business.

Your customers are becoming more mobile too. The number of smartphones shipped now outpaces the number of “regular” cell phones worldwide. Tablets are on the increase in customers too.

If you’re not taking advantage of mobile technology then your missing out.

Improve Your Business With Mobile Technology

Create a Mobile Friendly Website

First, things first you need a website that’s easy for mobile users to view. One way to accomplish this is to simplify your web design so it is easier to view on a smaller screen like the one on a smartphone.


Another is to create a special mobile version of your site designed specifically with tablet visitors in mind.

Increase on-the-go Productivity

Mobile programs have revolutionized just how we conduct business. The expression “I’ll do this when I make contact with my office,” isn’t noticed much nowadays because the “desk” is there in your pocket.

You could work from almost everywhere with programs that simplify communicating with partners and clients as long as you’re on the run.

Among which is Trelloworkflow app designed to organise tasks via cards, where you can assign them to contractors, attach documents, lists and due dates.

Organising a promotional event or small company meetup?
Eventbrite enables you to track event planning. You could track solution sales, check-in friends and change any event information on the spot.

Improve Cash Flow

Invoices can be considered a real pain for small enterprises, particularly if you’re still using snail mail. Unpaid invoices can certainly accumulate as customers toss them away to “pay it later”.

Apps like Invoice2go enable you to create and send professional invoices when the job is performed when it’s fresh on the customer’s mind.

With additional features like repayment reminders and the capability to recognize debit, credit and in-person obligations, your cash move will be more healthy.

Eliminate paper from your world completely and begin to see the profits.
Buyer with Cash and Piggy Money Bank

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Do Banking Online

Here’s another small business task you can complete using mobile apps. Save time not running to the bank constantly and keep track of your money easily.

Collaborate with Associates Instantly to Increase Productivity

If you often utilize a team of freelancers or companies for employment, everyone must be on a single page, therefore, the work gets done right and promptly.

Wherever you are, at home or face to face, use software like Skype to have brainstorm or conference meetings to keep your associates on the right track.

One useful feature of Skype is screen sharing, so if you are at the laptop or Personal computer, you can show what’s on your pc screen instantly to your team people’ cellular devices irrespective of where they are.

Lessen Your Travel Time

Do you spend a big part of your day on the highway heading from job to job? If so, travel programs are your good friend to truly get you from A to B in the most effective way.

Google Maps is a GPS navigation application that enables you to plan the shortest routes to your destination. It uses real-time reporting of incidents and traffic jams and that means you can plan the best road and maximize your working time.

Arm Your Sales Team

Give your sales team the tools of the modern sales force.

These include smartphones, PDAs, laptops and tablets. Smartphones and tablets provide mobile sales teams with constant communications and productivity tools including email, internet scheduling and calendars.

Mobile business applications allow teams to do presentations, engage in social collaboration and even prepare invoices.

Connect Instantly with Customers

If you want to talk about business changes with your visitors or post a restricted time offer, social media applications will be the strategy to use. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram plus more to announce special offers and news which means that your customers don’t miss it.
Creating a constant social lifestyle is a superb way to nurture existing relationships with existing customers and build your brand. When you have a email marketing list, try software like MailChimp to quickly create and distribute a plan to your visitors from wherever you are.

Another way to do OFFERS is to use QR Codes to Engage Customers.

Regardless of how you are feeling about mobile technology and business via smartphone apps, it’s something that’s here to remain.

When you have a cellular phone or tablet, make sure you’re taking full good thing about what it can do for your business. You will be astonished at how enough time and money you can save over time.

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